Tempest Client for Scenario Tests


Tempest currently has tests using 2 different OpenStack clients. The first is a client written in Tempest for testability and debugability. The second is the various native clients. This adds debt to the Tempest code that we should remove.

Problem description

As Tempest grew up we grew tests that included poking directly at the raw API with our own client, as well as through the various native clients for the projects. As the volume of tests have grown, and some of the complexities in Tempest (like tenant isolation) have shown up, the 2 client strategy has become problematic.

  1. It means that various abstractions need to be built above the clients to do things like waiting for resources to be created, handling tenant isolation, and doing safe cleanup.

  2. The debugging output is radically different depending on the client that has failed. We can fix and react to a debuability issue in the Tempest client in tree. Addressing something as simple as reduction of extraneous token messages needs to be landed in 10 trees before it’s fixed in a tempest run.

  3. It’s demotivating to work on the code.

Proposed change

We do a wholesale cut over of the openstack clients to the Tempest client in all the scenario tests.

We remove the abstractions that were built just for these clients.


Keep things as they are. This however has begun to be a top issue impacting gate debugability.



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Work Items

  • replace official clients in tempest/scenario with tempest clients

  • add hacking rule to provide use of official clients

  • remove tenant isolation abstraction

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Mailing list discussion - http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/039879.html