Tempest List Plugins Command


Provides a means to list to currently installed Tempest plugins.

Problem description

The Tempest project recently implemented a plugin system to allow external test repositories to be included in Tempest test runs in a seamless fashion. Tempest plugins are essentially Python packages that implement a specific interface and are installed via standard Python tools. However, there is not a straightforward means for knowing which plugins are currently installed.

Proposed change

Providing a means via the tempest command line tooling to list the installed plugins provides a consistent experience to the user. The command tempest plugins list would provide the user with basic information about the installed plugins:

> tempest plugins list
| Plugin     | EntryPoint                                  |
| HelloWorld | hello_world_tempest_plugin.plugin:MyPlugin  |
| Example2   | example_tempest_plugin.plugin:ExamplePlugin |


  • openstack/tempest



Primary assignee:

slowrie dwalleck


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Create means to query the stevedore.ExtensionManager for registered entrypoints

  • Create a function that turns the list of plugins into user readable output

  • Add an entry point for the plugins list command in the tempest.cmd package


  • prettytable