API schema unification


API schema’s are used for different purposes in Tempest. This blueprint tries to unify all existing ways.

Problem description

Tempest currently has two sources of schema definitions:

  • The response validation framework (tempest/api_schema)

  • The negative test framework, which automatically creates requests (etc/schema)

Differences in a nutshell:

  • File type - etc/schema files are json based - tempest/api_schema files are python modules

  • Data type - etc/schema contains Tempest related data (result code check base on generators) - tempest/api_schema contains data that can be imported from projects

  • Content - etc/schema is used for request generation - tempest/api_schema is used for response validation

Proposed change

Move all schema’s to tempest/api_schema and use .py files instead of .json files. This gives the possibility to use inheritance (or any other python magic) to reduce code duplication. Inside of the py files the data format will be dicts instead of json. This is due to the fact that all existing definitions are already defined as dicts.

The proposed folder structure:

|-> api_schema
|  |-> request # old content of ``etc/schema``
|  |  |-> compute
|  |  |  |-> v2
|  |  |  |-> v3
|  |-> response # old content of ``tempest/api_schema``
|  |  |-> compute
|  |  |  |-> v2
|  |  |  |-> v3

Next steps

Out of scope of this blueprint but next steps:

  • Replace dicts with json definitons

  • Having same/similar json style

  • Using same load mechanism


To be discussed.



Primary assignees:

Marc Koderer (mkoderer)


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  1. Move all files to one location

  2. Rewrite all .json files to .py files and adapt negative testing framework

  3. Unify filenames to have consistence between /response and /request