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Add Swift API Tests for Icehouse

Add Swift API tests which are added in Icehouse release (version 1.13.1)

Problem description

Between Havana and Icehouse releases, some new features are added in Swift. However, Tempest currently has only subset of API tests of those features.

Proposed change

Add API tests for following new functions.

  • New-style container synchronization

  • Getting contents inline by TempURL

  • POST request to delete multiple containers and objects in bulk

  • PUT object with ‘If-None-Match: *’ header

New file will be created to include tests of new container synchronization. Test cases for other two features are added in existing appropriate files.

In new container sync feature, ‘realm’ and ‘cluster’ names are used in “X-Container-Sync-To” header like //<realm_name>/<cluster_name>/<account>/<container> to specify where to synchronize objects as substitute for URL which is used in old-style container sync. Realm and cluster names are defined in Swift’s container-sync-realms.conf, therefore it is also necessary to specify realm and cluster names in tempest.conf. Following two config values must be added:

realm_name=<realm name>
cluster_name=<cluster name>



Daisuke Morita <>


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Write test cases for Swift’s new functions

  • Add config values to run tests of new-style container sync

Working progress will be tracked in (Google Doc).