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More Selectable Swift Tests

Enable to run API tests more flexibly for various Swift installation

Problem description

Currently, Tempest can select API test cases by referring discoverable_apis config setting in tempest.conf. However, this feature supports only selecting removable functions using WSGI middlewares although Swift has many functional selectabilities other than using middlewares.

Proposed change

Add config parameters in tempest.conf for selecting tests for following Swift body’s functionalities.

  • (Old-style) Container Sync: mirroring objects in the container to another container

  • Object Versioning: versioning all objects in the container

  • Discoverability: providing details about the Swift installation

Above features are independent of middleware settings. Whether to use some middlewares or not is defined in Swift’s proxy server, on the other hand, container sync and object versioning require settings in storage server and running background daemons. Discoverability function is enabled/disabled at proxy servers, but this function is to expose Swift’s installed middlewares and other features, so the setting is independent of middleware settings.

Config values are added in tempest.conf as follows:




Daisuke Morita <>


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Add config values to select tests

  • Insert skip annotations into appropriate test cases