Centralized Tempest Workspace Management


Create a consistent means for creation and management of Tempest workspaces.

Problem description

Currently there is no way to track workspaces in a consistent manner. This becomes problematic as the number of workspaces increases.

Proposed change

Create a .tempest file in the user’s home directory to be used as a source of truth for Tempest workspaces. Users can register new workspaces via the tempest workspace register command. New workspaces are automatically registered via tempest init. The workspace manager automatically unregisters any workspaces that no longer exist.



Register a workspace:

tempest workspace register –name <name> –path <path>

Rename a workspace:

tempest workspace update –key <key> –old-value <old> –new-value <new>

List workspaces:

tempest workspace list

Example Usage

> cd ~/devstack
> tempest init --name devstack

> tempest workspace register --name staging --path /etc/staging

> tempest workspace list
| Name     |    Location    |
+----------+--------------- +
| devstack | /root/devstack |
| staging  | /etc/staging   |


  • openstack/tempest



  • slowrie

  • dwalleck


Target Milestone for completion:

  • Mitaka-2

Work Items

  • Create argparse to handle new workspace command and subcommands

  • Create tracking file and class to represent it

  • Add code to list that unregisters workspaces when locations no longer exist