Notifications on tags operations

Nova currently does not send notifications on tag create/update/delete operations.

Tags are designed to be used for searching and filtering, without up-to-date tag information, services like OpenStack Searchlight will not be able to work effectively and correctly.

It would be useful to send out create, update and delete notifications on any of instance tags information changing.

Problem description

Use Cases

An external system like Searchlight[1] wants to index the instance tags which makes the query for large number of instances using instance tags faster, efficient and accurate. This will allow powerful querying as well unified search across openstack resources.

The maintainer wants to get the notifications when there are tags added to, updated or destroyed from instances.

Proposed change

Tags fields will be added to InstancePayload for instance.update versioned notification in:

This blueprint will then send out instance.update notifications for the following actions:

  • PUT /servers/{server_id}/tags/{tag}

  • PUT /servers/{server_id}/tags

  • DELETE servers/{server_id}/tags/{tag}

  • DELETE /servers/{server_id}/tags


Tags notification with the payload including resource_id can be send for tags.create/update/delete actions as an alternative. Since tags.resource_id field is free-form: then it’s up to the notification receiver to have to correlate what the resource_id is pointing to.

Data model impact

Notification payload object changes will be depend on [2].

REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact

Instance.update notifications for tags different actions will be emitted to an amqp topic called ‘versioned_notifications’.

Other end user impact


Performance Impact

Notifications will be emitted if the versioned notification is enabled. Every server tag manipulating API call loads the related instance from the db to check if it is in a valid state [3]. So the notification payload generation in this case can be designed to reuse that already loaded instance object. This way the notification send only adds load to the db due to lazy loading some of the instance fields that are not loaded by default. However that can be again avoided in this case if we load the instance in the API with proper expected_attrs.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Kevin Zheng

Work Items

  • Send out instance.update notifications when instance tags change.


[2] [3]


Besides unit test new functional test cases will be added to cover the new notifications and the tests will assert the validity of the stored notification samples as well.

Documentation Impact



[1]: Searchlight:



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