Use oslo.middleware request_id

Make Nova be in line with the rest of OpenStack on request_id processing which means that global_request_id also works with Nova.

Problem description

Nova has a copy/pasted version of oslo.middleware RequestId middleware, because this is code that grew up in Nova using the return header X-Compute-Request-ID, then moved to oslo with X-OpenStack-Request-ID. Nova never migrated to that middleware.

That middleware now has the logic to accept and validate inbound request_ids. We want this to be consistent through all of OpenStack, so for Nova to participate in global_request_id support as a callee, it needs to be on this middleware.

Adding this middleware will mean that Nova now returns the additional X-OpenStack-Request-ID header. This requires a microversion per our rules.

Use Cases

As an application calling Nova I would like to be able to trace my requests with an application provided global_request_id, which is easy to search for in all service logs.

Proposed change

Change ComputeReqIdMiddleware to inherent from oslo_middleware.request_id.RequestId.

Bump requirements to require oslo.middleware >= 3.27.0.

Bump microversion. This is a signaling microversion only, request_id generation and processing happens well before we have anything approaching microversion handling in the paste pipeline. It’s not feasible to make the header a microversion conditional as it would require complete rearchitecting of the request processing flow.


Don’t support global_request_id.

Data model impact


REST API impact

An additional HTTP Header X-OpenStack-Request-ID will be returned after this change. The value will be identical to the existing X-Compute-Request-ID.

There are no plans to ever remove the X-Compute-Request-ID.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee: sdague

Work Items

  • Change Nova’s ComputeRequestIdMiddleware


  • Changes in oslo.middleware for compat headers which were landed in 3.27.0.


  • oslo.middleware tests that the value of any compat headers is identical to the X-OpenStack-Request-ID header.

  • Tempest already tests for X-Compute-Request-ID from Nova commands. We are thus transitively tested.

  • If folks insist a Tempest test for the new header could be added based on microversion, but it’s probably overkill.

Documentation Impact

api-ref doesn’t yet talk about any of these headers. That should be changed in the future, however given that it’s not currently documented (and will require some os-api-ref changes to be efficient to document that) this work should not be held up for it.




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