Fix tag attribute disappearing

In the context of virtual device role tagging at instance boot time, a bug [1] has caused the tag attribute to no longer be accepted starting with version 2.33 for block_device_mapping_v2 and starting with version 2.37 for networks. In other words, block devices can only be tagged in 2.32 and network interfaces between 2.32 and 2.36 inclusively. This spec introduces a new API microversion that re-adds the tag attribute to both block_device_mapping_v2 and networks.

Problem description

For block_device_mapping_v2, the problem stems from the use of the equality comparison in [2]. It causes the Nova API to accept the tag attribute only in microversion 2.32. The intent was of course to support tags in all versions greater than or equal to 2.32, but the implementation mistake was missed by the author, the reviewers, and tests.

In the case of networks, microversion 2.37 introduced a new choice for the network item in the instance boot request body [3]. In addition to the previously allowed dictionary containing one of port, uuid or fixed_ip, a new string item - either ‘auto’ or ‘none’ - became accepted. When writing the schema for this change, the previous schema had to be copied and included as one of the two choices. It is this copying that introduced the error: the tag item was not copied along with the rest of the schema.

Use Cases

As an end user, I want block device role tagging to continue working beyond microversion 2.32.

As an end user, I want network interface role tagging to continue working beyond microversion 2.37.

Proposed change

This spec proposes to document the bug in api-ref and reno while at the same time reintroducing the tag attribute to both block_device_mapping_v2 and networks in a new API microversion.

In order to prevent future bugs of the same kind, the microversion will be passed to extensions as an APIVersionRequest object and APIVersionRequest’s __eq__ operator will be removed. This will dissuade future code from doing version equality comparisons.

One of the reasons the original bug was missed is that functional tests are only run on the specific microversion they are concerned with. That is, the tests for 2.32 are only run against 2.32. While having every test class for a new microversion inherit from the test class for the previous microversion (for example, ServersSampleJson232Test inheriting from ServersSampleJson231Test) is wasteful, this spec proposes to run all of the API samples tests against 2.latest. This will ensure no accidental breakage at any single point in the microversion timeline.


Because the tag attribute needs to be reintroduced to the API, a new microversion is necessary, as per Nova project policy. There are therefore no alternatives.

Data model impact


REST API impact

This spec impacts only the body of the POST /servers method. The tag attribute is re-added to the networks and block_device_mapping_v2 items.

Networks example:

    "server": {
        "name": "nic-tagging",
        "imageRef": "70a599e0-31e7-49b7-b260-868f441e862b",
        "flavorRef": "",
        "networks": {
            "uuid": "a0ef4e02-9150-418c-b4cf-cf4a86e92bf1",
            "tag": "nic1"

Block device mapping example:

    "server": {
        "name": "nic-tagging",
        "imageRef": "70a599e0-31e7-49b7-b260-868f441e862b",
        "flavorRef": "",
        "block_device_mapping_v2": [{
            "boot_index": "0",
            "uuid": "ac408821-c95a-448f-9292-73986c790911",
            "source_type": "image",
            "volume_size": "25",
            "destination_type": "volume",
            "delete_on_termination": true,
            "tag": "disk1"

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

Python-novaclient will be updated to work with the disappearance of the tag attribute in 2.33 and 2.37. It will also be updated to use the new microversion that reintroduces the tag attribute.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Artom Lifshitz (notartom)

Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Implement a new API microversion that reintroduces the tag attribute to networks and block_device_mapping_v2.

  • When calling extensions, pass the version as an APIVersionRequest object instead of a string.

  • Run all API samples tests against 2.latest, except where an API feature has been removed.




A functional test will be added for the new API microversion. The existing Tempest test [4] will be modified to test 2.32 and the new microversion that reintroduces the tag attribute.

Documentation Impact

The API reference will be updated to document the bug as well as the new API microversion. Release notes will do the same.




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