Add whitelist for filter and sort query parameters for server list API

Currently the filtering and sorting parameters which can be used for server list/detail API are not explicitly defined. That leads to some bugs and problems in the API. This spec aims to add a strict set of whitelisted filtering and sorting parameters for server list/detail operations.

Problem description

The query parameters for server list/detail API are not limited and controlled at API layer. This leads to some problems:

  • The DB schema exposes to the REST API directly. For example, if a new column added to the DB schema, the new column will be enabled as filter and sort parameter directly. This break the API rule: New feature needs to enable with microversion bump.

  • The joined-table and the internal attributes of DB model object expose to the REST API. For example, the joined-table extra and the internal attributes __mapper__, if filtering or sorting based on those parameters, the API returns HTTP Internal Server Error 500.

Use Cases

  • Avoid to expose the joined-table/internal attribute of DB object to the API user.

  • There isn’t random query parameters enabled without microversion.

Proposed change

According to the consistent direction [0]. This spec proposes:

  • Return HTTP Bad Request 400 for the filters/sort keys which are joined table (block_device_mapping, extra, info_cache, system_metadata, metadata, pci_devices, security_groups, services) and db model object internal attributes (there is long, they are like __class__, __contains__, __copy__, __delattr__…).

  • Ignore the filter and sort parameters which aren’t mapping to the REST API representation.

The whitelist for REST API filters are [‘user_id’, ‘project_id’, ‘tenant_id’, ‘launch_index’, ‘image_ref’, ‘image’, ‘kernel_id’, ‘ramdisk_id’, ‘hostname’, ‘key_name’, ‘power_state’, ‘vm_state’, ‘task_state’, ‘host’, ‘node’, ‘flavor’, ‘reservation_id’, ‘launched_at’, ‘terminated_at’, ‘availability_zone’, ‘name’, ‘display_name’, ‘description’, ‘display_description’, ‘locked_by’, ‘uuid’, ‘root_device_name’, ‘config_drive’, ‘access_ip_v4’, ‘access_ip_v6’, ‘auto_disk_config’, ‘progress’, ‘sort_key’, ‘sort_dir’, ‘all_tenants’, ‘deleted’, ‘limit’, ‘marker’, ‘status’, ‘ip’, ‘ip6’, ‘tag’, ‘not-tag’, ‘tag-any’, ‘not-tag-any’, ‘created_at’, ‘changes-since’]

For the non-admin user, there have a whitelist for filters already [1]. That whitelist will be kept. In the future, we hope to have same list for the admin and non-admin users.

The whitelist for sorts are pretty similar with filters. [‘user_id’, ‘project_id’, ‘launch_index’, ‘image_ref’, ‘kernel_id’, ‘ramdisk_id’, ‘hostname’, ‘key_name’, ‘power_state’, ‘vm_state’, ‘task_state’, ‘host’, ‘node’, ‘instance_type_id’, ‘launched_at’, ‘terminated_at’, ‘availability_zone’, ‘display_name’, ‘display_description’, ‘locked_by’, ‘uuid’, ‘root_device_name’, ‘config_drive’, ‘access_ip_v4’, ‘access_ip_v6’, ‘auto_disk_config’, ‘progress’, ‘created_at’, ‘updated_at’]

The sorts whitelist compare to the filters, some parameters which aren’t mapping to the API representation are removed, and tags filters, pagination parameters.

For the non-admin user, the sort key ‘host’ and ‘node’ will be excluded. Those two columns are about the cloud internal. It can’t be leaked to the end user.


Initially we expect to have very smaller whitelist and remove most of parameters without db index. But that way has risk to break the API users. And even we shrink the list to very small list, it still needs a ton of index. The mail[0] have the detail for the problem.

Data model impact


REST API impact

  • Request HTTP BadRequest 400 for internal joined-table and internal attributes.

  • Few filters and sorts which aren’t mapping to the REST API representaion will be ignored in all microversions.

Security impact

The whitelist of query parameters is introduced. There isn’t any random db columns exposed to the user directly, which may leads to DoS attack.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

Few filters and sorts which aren’t mapping to the API REST representation will be ignored.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact

The developer needs to add new query parameters explicitly in the future. And using the json-schema to validate the query parameters for server list/ detail API.



Primary assignee:

ZhenYu Zheng <>

Other contributors:

Alex Xu <>

Work Items

  1. Add query parameter white list for server index/detail API.

  2. Add sort parameter white list for sort_keys.

  3. Add doc illustrate how to correctly use filter and sort params when list servers



Few unittest needs to be adjusted to work correctly. All the unittest and functional should be passed after the change.

Documentation Impact

The devref need to describe which parameters can be used.


[0] [1]



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