We propose to add a new VIF type to support the new QEMU vhost-user feature. vhost-user is a new QEMU feature that supports efficient Virtio-net I/O between a guest and a user-space vswitch. vhost-user is the userspace equivalent to /dev/vhost-net and is based on a Unix socket for communication instead of a kernel device file.

Problem description

QEMU has a new type of network interface, vhost-user, and we want to make this available to Neutron drivers. This will support deploying high-throughput userspace vswitches for OpenStack-based NFV applications. (This is the reason that vhost-user was developed.)

Proposed change

This change defines

We propose to add VIF_VHOSTUSER to Nova for creating network interfaces based on vhost-user. This VIF type would be enabled by Neutron drivers that want to assign certain ports to a userspace agent (vswitch) that is based on vhost-user.

VIF_VHOSTUSER is to be implemented by extending the Libvirt driver. Libvirt support for vhost-user is currently under review and we expect it to be merged in time for Juno. We see that upstream Libvirt support for vhost-user is a dependency for merging the VIF_VHOSTUSER implementation into Nova.


Intel DPDK has a separate mechanism for accessing vhost from userspace, based on replacing /dev/vhost-net with a FUSE-based device file that traps ioctls into userspace. However, vhost-user is the new standard way to achieve this and is upstream in QEMU.

Data model impact


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Other end user impact


Performance Impact

vhost-user will make OpenStack compatible with vswitches supporting N x 10G Virtio-net workloads.

Other deployer impact

VIF_VHOSTUSER does not have to be enabled by the deployer. Neutron drivers will automatically enable VIF_VHOSTUSER via port binding if this is the appropriate choice for the agent on the compute host.

VIF_VHOSTUSER will require a version of QEMU with vhost-user support, which is currently upstream and will be released in QEMU 2.1.

VIF_VHOSTUSER will also require a version of Libvirt with vhost-user support.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Luke Gorrie <lukego>

Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Add vhost-user support to the Libvirt driver.

  • Add VIF_VHOSTUSER support to Nova.



VIF_VHOSTUSER will be Tempest-tested by the planned 3rd party CI integration for the Snabb NFV mech driver.

Documentation Impact

No documentation changes for Nova are anticipated. VIF_VHOSTUSER will be automatically enabled by Neutron where appropriate.