Libvirt - Start LXC from a block device

The purpose of this blueprint is to enable the LXC containers to be started from a block device volumes.

Problem description

Currently, LXC containers can only be started from a Glance image. However, a minor adjustment is needed to support it’s being booted using a block volume as its root OS filesystem.

Proposed change

Separate the lxc disk handling code from _create_domain() to _lxc_disk_handler context manager. It will use block_device_mapping to map the device that instance has been started from, otherwise, an image will be used.

The _lxc_disk_handler will handle the “pre” and “post” lxc start actions on the disk, to mount it and clean the lxc namespace, after it starts. These actions are specific to LXC, both for images and volumes.

The following layout of the volumes will be supported.

  • Unpartitioned, filesystem across entire content.

  • Partitioned. Only mount the filesystem in the first partition. In case there are more than one partition present, only the first one will be considered, while others will be ignored.

The user may create a volume from and existing Glance image and boot LXC container in one command:

nova boot –flavor FLAVOR –block-device source=image,id=ID,dest=volume,

size=SIZE,shutdown=PRESERVE,bootindex=0 NAME

or booting the LXC container from an existing volume

nova boot –flavor FLAVOR –block-device source=volume,id=ID,dest=volume,

size=SIZE,shutdown=PRESERVE,bootindex=0 NAME



Data model impact


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Security impact

As LXC will always share the host’s kernel, between all instanances, any vulnerability in the kernel, maybe used to harm the host. In general, the kernel’s filesystem drivers should be trusted to free of vulnerabilities that the user filesystem image may exploit.

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Developer impact




Vladik Romanovsky <>

Work Items

  • Introduce a _lxc_disk_handler context manager method and separate all lxc disk handling code from _create_domain() to it.

  • Add logic to the _lxc_disk_handler to mount the volumes, using the provided block_device_mapping

  • Remove the lxc specific mapping creation in





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