Integration of Blazar with OpenStack-Ansible


2017-12-17 00:02


openstack, blazar, opnfv, promise

Blazar is a resource reservation service for OpenStack. It is used to book or reserve specific resources for a particular amount of time. This spec outlines the steps required to integrate Blazar with OpenStack-Ansible.

Problem description

Blazar is used to reserve OpenStack resources in advance for a specific amount of time. However, it needs to be installed manually with OpenStack-Ansible. No role exists to deploy it as other services are deployed.

Proposed change

The change consists of creating a new role for Blazar integration with OpenStack-Ansible. It will make it possible to deploy Blazar as part of the installation of OpenStack-Ansible, rather then requiring to install and configure it manually.


There are no alternatives.

Playbook/Role impact

This is a new feature added into OpenStack-Ansible. No role currently exists. Therefore, a new role, openstack-ansible-os_blazar needs to be written from scratch.

Upgrade impact

No upgrade impact.

Security impact

No security impact.

Performance impact

No performance impact.

End user impact

End user will be able to use Blazar out of the box, without going through any manual installation and configuration. One of the endusers is Promise, an OPNFV project, which is using Blazar, in an NFV context.

Deployer impact

No impact.

Developer impact

Little or no impact, since this feature will be optional and can be safely ignored.


No dependencies.



Primary assignee:

Taseer Ahmed (Taseer)

Other contributors:

Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir)

Work items

Blazar is not available as a service for OpenStack-Ansible. No role already exists. A new role will be developed from scratch in compliance with the standards set by the community. The steps for developing this new role are as follows:

  1. Create a new repository on GitHub.

  2. Add tasks to the role.

  3. Add tests for the new role.

  4. Ensure that the role works well with AIO.


Tests will be developed to ensure that deployment of Blazar works and also to test the functionality of the deployed service.

Documentation impact

As this would be new feature added to OpenStack-Ansible, it needs to be documented, explaining all the configuration parameters.


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