Add PLUMgrid plugin to neutron playbooks


2015-06-2 14:30


neutron, plugins, networking

This spec is propsed to insert the capability of using the PLUMgrid OpenStack Neutron Plugin through the os-ansible neutron playbooks.

Problem Description

PLUMgrid is a core neutron networking plugin that has been a part of OpenStack neutron since Grizzly. It offers a Network Virtualization Platform that uses direct communication with the Hypervisor layer to provide all the networking functionality requested through Neutron APIs. The PLUMgrid Neutron Plugin implements Neutron v2 APIs and helps configure L2/L3 virtual networks created through the PLUMgrid Platform. It also implements External Networks and Port Binding Extensions.

APIs supported by the PLUMgrid plugin:
  • Networks

  • Subnets

  • Ports

  • External Networks

  • Routers

  • Security Groups

  • Quotas

  • Port Binding

  • Provider Networks

Proposed Change

This change is proposed to add the PLUMgrid plugin as a core plugin option alongside ml2, which will be the default. This configurability should already be achieved by the BP: modularize-neutron-plays.

The rest of the installation for PLUMgrid that requires PLUMgrid Controller and Compute components, that enable management of the plugin, will be added externally through Ansible Galaxy roles.

The changes described below assume the previously mentioned BP modularization changes in place.

This feature is proposed for both kilo and juno branches, the juno change will be carried out first:

  1. For juno, parameters relevant to the PLUMgrid plugin, namely the plumgrid core plugin and plugin config file, plumgrid.ini will be added to a new dictionary item in ‘neutron_plugins’ in inventory/group_vars/neutron_all.yml This will allow setting the ‘neutron_plugin_type = plumgrid’ if desired.

  2. For kilo, parameters relevant to the PLUMgrid plugin will be added to a new dictionary item in ‘neutron_plugins’ in ‘playbooks/roles/os_neutron/defaults/main.yml’. This will allow setting the ‘neutron_plugin_type’ to plumgrid if desired.

Playbook Impact

  1. In juno, the following files are expected to be modified:

  • rpc_deployment/playbooks/openstack/inventory/group_vars/neutron_all.yml

The following templates will be created in neutron-common role:

  • rpc_deployment/roles/neutron_common/templates/plugins/plumgrid/plumgrid.ini

  • rpc_deployment/roles/neutron_common/templates/plugins/plumgrid/plumlib.ini

  • rpc_deployment/roles/neutron_common/templates/rootwrap.d/plumlib.filters

  1. In kilo, these files are expected to be modified:

  • playbooks/roles/os_neutron/defaults/main.yml

New templates will be added in the os_neutron role:

  • playbooks/roles/os_neutron/templates/plugins/plumgrid/plumgrid.ini

  • playbooks/roles/os_neutron/templates/plugins/plumgrid/plumlib.ini

  • playbooks/roles/os_neutron/files/rootwrap.d/plumlib.filters

Upgrade impact



To continue using the default ml2 and linuxbridge-agent neutron deployment with no possibility of other core neutron plugins.

Security Impact


Performance Impact

This change is not expected to impact performance. A typical PLUMgrid plugin installation, will furthermore disable neutron agent installations. Hence the overall performance is expected to remain the same.

End User Impact

End users will be able to leverage the enhanced scale and operational capabilities provided by the PLUMgrid plugin when choosing to install this plugin. Further details can be found in the References section below.

Deployer Impact

This will provide Deployers with the option to use PLUMgrid as the neutron plugin. Upgrading from a previous release to use this new feature will only be possible through a re-run of the neutron playbooks as well. This change does not effect running instances within the cloud.

Developer Impact

This change adds further installable options and as such does not effect the default flow of the playbooks.





Primary assignee:

Work items

This change will use the modularized neutron playbooks to provide PLUMgrid as a plugin option. A set of three new template files will be added to the neutron plays to support plumgrid.


Dependent on:


There are no additional changes required to test this in the current testing and or gating framework that also covers the neutron components.

Documentation Impact

Documentation describing how to modify the configuration parameters to install PLUMgrid will be required. This will be deployer documentation.