IPv6 Project Support


2015-09-09 22:00



ospenstack-ansible should support IPv6 for project networks. To that effect we should make sure that the necessary components and configurations are installed so that openstack can expose and route IPv6 for project networks.

Problem description

Neutron currently (in kilo) has the ability to to manage and route IPv6 data. OpenStack Ansible currently has a few holes in IPv6 support on Neutron tenant networks (not installing the radvd package in the neutron-agents container for instance).

Proposed change

Add a test case for proving IPv6 access on project networks works as expected


Don’t explicitly support IPv6

Playbook impact

As the primary change is adding a test case this is somewhat open ended. As the support for IPv6 via Neutron is already mostly there this should be low impact, will likely only be adding the missing package and test support.

Upgrade impact


Security impact

Low, at the moment the only known change is to ensure that radvd is installed so that Neutron can configure/control it.

Performance impact


End user impact

The end user will be able to configure IPv6 in the project networks.

Deployer impact


Developer impact

None once spec is implemented.





Primary assignee:


Work items

  • add test support for IPv6 in OpenStack Ansible

    • This would be via configuring a RFC4193 network and connecting from the neutron radvd namespace to the instance.

    • It would also test unicast routing between neutron networks using RFC4193.

  • ensure that tests pass


Ensure that the instance gets an IP in a certian address space and can ping the gateway.

Test for routability, ping between instances on two neutron network segments.

Documentation impact

Should be minimal