Installation Guide


2015-11-02 22:00


install, config, architecture

Improve the installation guide to appeal to more potential deployers.

Problem description

The current installation guide mainly supports only one rather complex deployment architecture that limits the apparent flexibility and appeal of the project to potential deployers.

Proposed change

Improve the installation guide to offer several useful deployment architectures ranging from simple to complex.


Continue using the existing content that contains significant technical debt from decisions made prior to entry into the Stackforge and later OpenStack namespaces.

Playbook/Role impact


Upgrade impact

None, although a separate specification should address development of upgrade documentation referencing the deployment architectures in the installation guide as necessary.

Security impact

None, although the deployment architectures should implement security measures as necessary.

Performance impact

None, although more complex deployment architectures could perform poorly on hardware that disregards minimum requirements.

End user impact


Deployer impact

A variety of different deployment architectures ranging from simple to complex highlight the flexibility of this project and increase appeal to potential deployers.

Developer impact

Developers should understand these deployment architectures and adjust them as necessary to account for new services, changes to existing services, changes to infrastructure requirements, etc.





Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work items

  • Develop several deployment architectures that range from simple to complex and attempt to minimize opinions regarding OpenStack service configuration and operation. For example:

    • A simple architecture may include a minimum of two infrastructure nodes and one compute node using three networks with minimal physical network redundancy and deploy only core OpenStack services.

    • A complex architecture may include a minimum of three infrastructure nodes, one compute node, and three storage nodes using four networks with reasonable network redundancy and deploy all OpenStack services.

  • Potentially restructure the installation guide to implement these deployment architectures in the most useful fashion.


  • Verify operation of each deployment architecture prior to each major release.

Documentation impact

  • Renovating the installation guide.