Minimal Kilo


2015-03-17 21:34


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Update master to point to the minimum configuration nessisary for a functional kilo stack.

This spec is being created to track the work required to get a minimum viable deployment of kilo. Because the Kilo release of OpenStack has not yet been released the work done within this blueprint will pull from the head of master and stabilize on the a given sha for the time being.

Problem description

Master is setup to deploy Juno at this time we want the master branch to begin tracking Kilo.

Proposed change

In order to have a minimally functional Kilo stack there are several issues that need to be resolved which have been raised within Launchpad. Once the following issues are resolved Kilo should be a functional deployment from the stand point of gating. The point of this Spec is to introduce the least amount of changes into the stack in an effort to enable a Kilo code base. The changes should pass gating from the a commit basis. Once this spec is complete other work can follow to make Kilo a production ready product.


There are no alternatives to this approach. Without a bulk commit to address the minimal changes to get Kilo functional we will not be able to move forward with development.

Playbook impact

There will be no impact on the playbooks. These changes are on the dependency and role level which only impact the configuration files and role options.

Upgrade impact

This change will impact upgrades. The change will introduce new code which will allow the system to upgrade inplace. That said, this is a transitional spec which will translate into future work to make Kilo a production ready product. Upgrades are out of the scope of this spec and it is expected that Juno to Kilo upgrades will be broken at this point.

Security impact

These changes will introduce BETA code which will likely have consequences regarding security however the changes are not geared at production at this time and will be revised in a fast follow effort.

Performance impact

Because the Kilo code base is not tested and released the performance of the stack will not be in scope at this time. As future work develops to finalize the roles used in Kilo work will be done on a per role basis to ensure performance.

End user impact


Deployer impact

As stated previously, this change will introduce new BETA code. Deployers shouldn’t be using master at this time.

Developer impact

This change is geared at enabling developers to begin working on Kilo.


The spec will introduce a number of new dependencies. At this time not all are exactly known. However, we can safely say that all new clients will be used throughout the stack as well as various middlewares.



Primary assignee:

Other contributors:

IRC: cloudnull, palendae

Work items

In order to have a minimum viable installation of OpenStack Kilo the following issues will need to be addressed.

  • #1428421 needs to be updated for kilo

  • #1428431 OpenStack Clients need to be updated for Kilo

  • #1428437 Update/Removal of pinned Oslo Messaging and Middleware for kilo

  • #1428445 Neutron needs plugin references removed for kilo

  • #1428451 Heat policy.json file needs to be updated for Kilo

  • #1428469 Neutron rootwarp(s) need to be updated for Kilo

  • #1428639 Nova requires python-libguestfs in Kilo


No changes to the current testing and or gating framework will be made. The minimum viable Kilo deployment will be required to pass the same gate tests as are required by our production systems.

Documentation impact

This change specifically does not have any documentation impact.