Allow having placement inventories with reserved value equal to total

Currently, we delete ironic node resource provider inventory from placement to indicate that the node is not available for deployment during the cleaning process or when in maintenance. This causes placement to report the incorrect inventory and capacity information, as the node is actually still present, and its inventory remains the same. Reserving all the inventory describes more accurately what is going on. Also doing the resource reservation will allow us to fix bugs like [1] properly, as it is possible to set reservation for inventory before deleting the allocation, even if inventory gets exceeded because of that. But placement API does not allow to set reserved value to be equal to total in the inventory record.

Problem description

Placement API does not allow to set reserved value to be equal to total in the inventory record. This makes ironic virt driver to delete inventory records from placement e.g. during node cleaning instead of reserving them.

Deleting resource provider inventory should mean that it is actually gone. For purposes of indicating that resources are temporarily unavailable placement provides the reserved field in the inventory object. This will enable placement to report the correct inventory and capacity information. It will also enable us to fix ironic virt driver issue [1].

Use Cases

  1. Reserve ironic node inventory during node cleaning or maintenance.

  2. Reserve FPGA inventory during its programming by cyborg.

Proposed change

Add a new microversion to placement API that will allow to set reserved value of the inventory record to be equal to total value. It will become the placement behaviour for all subsequent microversion.

This new microversion will be used by nova scheduler report client when doing the inventory update calls. This will enable virt drivers in nova to decide whether they need to report all the inventory resources as reserved in the get_inventory() call.



Data model impact


REST API impact

POST /resource_providers/<UUID>/inventories, PUT /resource_providers/<UUID>/inventories and PUT /resource_providers/<UUID>/inventories/<RC> API endpoints will return response code 200 instead of 400 when called with new microversion and body containing inventory records that have reserved value equal to total.

Example request:

path – PUT /resource_providers/UUID/inventories

headers – Content-type: application/json,

Openstack-API-Version: placement 1.NEW_MV


    "inventories": {
        "CUSTOM_GOLD": {
            "total": 1,
            "reserved": 1
    "resource_provider_generation": 5

Example response:

200 OK

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact

Virt drivers now are able to set the reserved key in the get_inventory() returned dictionary to a total inventory value when needed.

Upgrade impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • change to placement API adding the logic and new microversion

  • change scheduler report client to use the new microversion during inventory update calls

  • change ironic virt driver to report resources as reserved during cleaning and maintenance




Unit and functional testing will be added.

Documentation Impact

API reference will be updated.






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