Per aggregate scheduling weight

This spec proposes to add ability to allow users to use Aggregate’s metadata to override the global config options for weights to achieve more fine-grained control over resource weights.

Problem description

In the current implementation, the weights are controlled by config options like [filter_scheduler] cpu_weight_multiplier, the total weight of a compute node is calculated by combination of several weigher: weight = w1_multiplier * norm(w1) + w2_multiplier * norm(w2) + …

As it is controlled by config options, the weights are global across the whole deployment, this is not convenient enough for operators and users.

Use Cases

As an operator I may want to have a more fine-grained control over resource scheduling weight configuration so that I can control my resource allocations.

Operators may divide the resource pool by hardware type and their(hardware) suitable workloads with host aggregates. Setting independent scheduling weight for each aggregate can make it easier to control the scheduling behavior( spreading or concentrate). For example, by default I want my deployment to stack resources to conserve energy, but for my HPC aggregate, I want to set cpu_weight_multiplier=10.0 to spread instances across the hosts in that aggregate because I want to avoid noisy neighbors as much as possible.

Operators may also restrict flavors/images to host aggregates, and those flavors/images may have preferences about the importance of CPU/RAM/DISK, setting a suitable weight for this aggregate other than the global weight could provide a more suitable resource allocation for the corresponding workloads. For example, I want to deploy a big data analysis cluster(for example Hadoop), there are different roles for each vm in this cluster, for some of them the amount of CPU and RAM is much more important than DISK, like the HDFS NameNode and nodes that runs MapReduce tasks; for some of them, the size of DISK is more important, like the HDFS DataNodes. By creating different flavor/image and restrict them to aggregates that have suitable scheduling weight can have a overall better resource allocation and performance.

Proposed change

This spec proposes to add abilities in existing weighers to read the *_weight_multiplier from aggregate metadata to override the *_weight_multiplier from config files to achieve a more flexible weight during scheduling.

This will be done by making the weight_multiplier() method take a HostState object as a parameter and get the corresponding weight_multiplier from the aggregate metadata similar to how nova.scheduler.utils.aggregate_values_from_key() is used by the AggregateCoreFilter filter. If the host is in multiple aggregates and there are conflicting weight values in the metadata, we will use the minimum value among them.


Add abilities to read the above mentioned multipliers from flavor extra_specs to make them per-flavor.

This alternative will not be implemented because:

  • It could be very difficult to manage per-flavor weights in a cloud with a lot of flavors, e.g. public cloud.

  • Per-flavor weights does not help the case of an image that requires some kind of extra weight to the host it is used on, so per-flavor weights is less flexible, but with the proposed solution we can apply the weights to aggregates which can then be used to restrict both flavors (AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter) and images (AggregateImagePropertiesIsolation).

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact

There could be a minor decrease in the scheduling performance as some data gathering and calculation will be added.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact


Upgrade impact




Primary assignee:

Zhenyu Zheng

Work Items

  1. Add the ability to existing weigher to read the *_weight_multiplier from aggregate metadata to override the *_weight_multiplier from config files to achieve a more flexible weight during scheduling

  2. Update docs about the new change




Unit tests for verifying when a *_weight_multiplier is provided in aggregate metadata.

Documentation Impact

Update the weights user reference documentation here:

The aggregate metadata key/value for each weigher will be called out in the documentation.





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