Remove the configurable Hide Server Address Feature

There is config option hide_server_address_states which accept the list of server states for which server address needs to be hidden. Server Show and List Detail API return the empty dict for server address field if server is in those states.

Problem description

Server address field in GET server API is controlled by config options. User would not be able to discover the API behavior on different clouds which leads to the interop issues.

Use Cases

As an API user, he/she will be able to use API consistently and discoverable across the clouds.

Proposed change

Config options to hide the server address was introduced mainly for the reason of not showing the network information when it can be changed: patch. For example while server is in building state etc.

This spec propose to:

  • Remove the capability of configuring the server states to hide the address.

  • Remove the hide server address policy.

Server states for which address is not ready and needs to be hidden can be hard coded. Below is the list of Server states where server address needs to be hide:

  • building

As this is about removal of config options, we need to deprecate it first and in next cycle we can remove it completely.

This proposal does not need microversion as this is to remove the config options controlling the API.


Leave it as it which make API controlled by config option.

Data model impact


REST API impact

Server address field in Server’s Show and List detail API might not be empty for server states configured in hide_server_address_states config options. It will be empty only for hard coded server states mentioned above.

No Control of server address by config options.

Server API:

GET /servers/detail
GET /servers/{server_id}

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

They need to remove the config options hide_server_address_states if setting in their cloud.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Ghanshyam Mann <>

Work Items

  • Deprecate the hide_server_address_states config options.

  • Remove the deprecated config option in R cycle.

  • Remove the hide server address policy.




The corresponding unittest and functional test will be added.

Documentation Impact

Update the api-ref accordingly.




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