XenServer add support for neutron security group

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This blueprint aims to support neutron security group.

Problem description

XenServer as a compute driver lacks of neutron security group support. As we know neutron’s security group is implemented by using iptables and these iptables rules are applied to Linux bridge of each VIF. However XenServer compute driver doesn’t create Linux bridges for VIFs when booting instance, this makes neutron cannot apply iptables rules, so the firewall driver in neutron can only be configured as NoopFirewallDriver at the moment.

Use Cases

The most common use case is deploy an OpenStack environment which uses neutron network and neutron security group and then booting an instance and check the instance’s network connectivity.

Proposed change

The proposed change is to add Linux bridge for each VIF when booting a new instance. This implementation is more or less the same as what libvirt does. When booting an instance, xen nova compute driver will always create Linux bridge qbr for each VIF and make qbr be connected to integration bridge (e.g. br-int) in compute node. So the connection in compute node will looks like:

VIF-1 -> LinuxBridge(qbr-1) ->
VM OvsBridge(br-int) -> OvsBridge(br-eth)
VIF-2 -> LinuxBridge(qbr-2) ->

So, with the new added Linux bridge qbr, at neutron side, it can detect these bridges qbr-XXX automatically and apply security group rules on each of the VIF’s Linux bridge qbr-XXX. The new added Linux bridge will be created all the time as long as neutron is deployed, no new configuration settings added. This change doesn’t have any effect on nova network(i.e. no qbr-XXX Linux bridges will be created if nova network is deployed). Then neutron security group will work well when firewall driver is OVSHybridIptablesFirewallDriver in neutron’s conf file.



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Other deployer impact

This implementation is to support neutron security group function with XenSerer just like other hypervisor does. The main deployment changes if you want to use this function are:

  1. Deploy neutron in OpenStack environment

  2. Change nova.conf, below configuration items should be specified:

    use_neutron = True
    firewall_driver = nova.virt.firewall.NoopFirewallDriver
  3. Change neutron config file ml2_conf.ini:

    firewall_driver = \
    enable_security_group = true

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Work Items

  1. Create Linux bridge for each vif when booting an instance

  2. Create tap device between VIF and Linux bridge

  3. Create veth pair between Linux bridge and Ovs bridge


This depends on a bug fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1268955


  • Scenario test will be done manually or automatically with tempest. When it is implemented, we can deploy an environment using neutron VLAN network, enable neutron security group and set the correct firewall_driver in neutron’s ml2_conf.ini file in compute node.

  • XenServer Neutron CI will also be updated to test security groups though existing tempest tests. When the code patchset is ready, we will change some configurations as mentioned above and start full tempest to check the function and make sure there is no negative impact. The test report will be accessible publicly.

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