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This spec was abandoned by efried on account of having been sitting in the backlog directory since 2015.

As an operator I would like to be able to define policy and quotas differently for different sets of hardware.

As an example of why this might be desirable consider that some hardware could be running libvirt and some could be part of an ironic cluster. Since the baremetal hardware managed by ironic won’t support operations like rescue or attaching volumes it is desirable to disallow those actions via policy for instances built on that hardware while allowing it for instances on libvirt. It may also be desirable to only allow building x instances on baremetal hardware and y instances on the virtualized hardware.

This can be accomplished by scoping policy and quotas based on the “class” of a flavor. Each flavor would be assigned a class and multiple flavors could share the same class. Continuing with the example above this would allow for baremetal flavors to be grouped and virtual flavors to be grouped. Additional work later could allow for policy rules to be scoped by flavor class and quotas to be scoped as well. This could be the basis that work like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/206160/ (a spec to do a per flavor or AZ quota) builds upon.

Some mechanism for scheduling the flavors properly is also needed and it could be accomplished by configuring the advertised capabilities of a compute. However there is probably a better way to handle that but could be discussed in a future spec.

So the basic proposal here is to add a field to flavors in the db/object/API that scoped policy and quotas can be built upon and the scheduler can make use of. I have called it “class” but it could be called group or aggregate or some other overloaded term, but there is almost certainly a better name for this.

This concept is being used at Rackspace quite successfully at the moment for policies and quotas but we have built it on top of flavor extra specs. The scheduling is handled at the cell level as different cells contain different hardware types. We would like to push this code upstream but we first need acceptance of the initial idea of a flavor class and an implementation that we can adapt our code to.

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Lets take an example for Flavor class for Virtual instances. Different Flavor classes can be created depending on the need. For example something like Baremetal Flavor class can be created for Baremetal instances.

vm_flavor_class {cpu: 100 cores, ram: 20 GB, disk: 1 TB}

vm.small {cpu : 2 cores, ram : 5 GB, disk: 100 GB, class: ‘vm_flavor_class’}

vm.large {cpu : 2 cores, ram : 8 GB, disk: 500 GB, class: ‘vm_flavor_class’}

Which means a maximum of 2 VM’s with vm.large and 1 VM with vm.small will be created. These has been work related to Quota policy engine proposed which makes sure that these validation for quota allocation, reservations are done and governed by a quota engine framework but discussion about it is out of the scope of this spec.



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alaski, vilobhmm

Work Items

  1. An extension for manage flavor classes needs to be introduced.

  2. Methods to create/update/delete/get flavor class details needs to be introduced.





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