Migrate to oslo-messaging

Problem description

Neutron currently uses an older version of Oslo’s RPC code which is being deprecated in favor of oslo.messaging.

Proposed change

Neutron will be updated to utilize oslo.messaging and the copied code from oslo-incubator will be removed from the tree.


None. oslo.messaging is the only supported RPC framework from the Oslo team.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact

The content of the notifications should not change; however, configuration options will slightly change.

Other end user impact

The underlying library uses the compatible wire format, so users upgrading should not be impacted.

Performance Impact

This is a code refactor for a new library api, so performance changes will be minimal.

Other deployer impact

Configuration options will change slightly to utilize the standard set from oslo.messaging. The options are standard across other OpenStack projects, so deployers will benefit from the standardization.

Developer impact

None. Shims will be used to provide compatibility with internal code interfaces.




Work Items

  • Introduce shims modules for existing RPC classes with Neutron

  • Introduce exception compatibility layer

  • Convert shims to use oslo.messaging constructs

  • Future work could include removal of shims, but this can be done later.




Exisiting Unit, Functional, and Tempest tests will ensure the refactor does not introduce any regressions. Grenade testing should validate that the message payload are compatible.

Documentation Impact

Messaging configuration will need to be updated to reflect the set of options provided by oslo.messaging.