Neutron Plugin for Opencontrail

This blueprint is for the Opencontrail-neutron-plugin to add support in Neutron for Opencontrail based network virtualization. The list of core resources and extensions supported are:

  • Network

  • Subnet

  • Port

  • Security Group

  • L3 Extensions

We will also support Extraroute extension

Problem description

Opencontrail is open source network virtualization solution. It uses standards based BGP L3VPN closed user groups to implement virtual networks. The link explains the architecture of Opencontrail plugin

The Neutron plugin code would interact with Opencontrail Rest-API to provide the network virtualization functionality.

Proposed change

The Opencontrail Neutron plugin will implement the Neutron core and extension APIs. It will receive the API request and pass it to the Opencontrail controller for processing. There are no changes to the Neutron common code. New files are addded to implement the opencontrail-plugin.


Current support is for traditional Neutron plugin interface. We will consider using ML2 interface in future.

Data model impact


REST API impact

None. There are no new API added to neutron. For above listed API all features will be supported by the plugin.

Security impact

The communication channel to the backend is not secure. We will support secure channel in the future.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

Users will now be able to configure Opencontrail as one of the available plugin from upstream.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Users will now be able to configure Opencontrail as one of the available plugin from upstream. Following link explains setup of Opencontrail using devstack.

Developer impact

None. Other Developers wont be effected by this change. Tempest thirdparty environment will be provided.


Opencontrail plugin does not use the Neutron persistence layer and so avoid the problems when the database goes out of sync. Opencontrail plugin uses additional objects and attributes for objects that are defined by Neutron APIs, that data is stored in the Opencontrail controller which does the persistency. By being stateless, the Neutron service doesn’t have to deal with its persistency layer getting out of sync with the implementation’s persistence layer.

A New Plugin ‘opencontrail’ has been created. A new file ‘’ has been added to implement the core extension RESTApi.

The configuration file contrailplugin.ini will be added to configure the Opencontrail plugin. The file will contain the following parameters.

1 api_server_ip

The Opencontrail controller IP address

2 api_server_port

The Opencontrail controller IP port

3 multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy support

4 max_retries

The maximum number of tries to connect to the Opencontrail controller

5 retry_interval

Retry interval to connect to the Opencontrail controller

Example: [API_SERVER] api_server_ip = api_server_port = 8082 multi_tenancy = False

The Class ‘NeutronPluginContrailCoreV2’ is added to implement the core RESTApi. It will implement the following extensions and their RESTApis

  • create_network

  • update_network

  • delete_network

  • get_network

  • get_networks

  • get_networks_count

  • create_subnet

  • update_subnet

  • delete_subnet

  • get_subnet

  • get_subnets

  • get_subnets_count

  • create_port

  • update_port

  • delete_port

  • get_port

  • get_ports

  • get_ports_count

  • create_router

  • update_router

  • delete_router

  • get_router

  • get_routers

  • get_routers_count

  • create_floatingip

  • update_floatingip

  • delete_floatingip

  • get_floatingip

  • get_floatingips

  • get_floatingips_count

  • create_security_group

  • update_security_group

  • delete_security_group

  • get_security_group

  • get_security_groups

  • get_security_groups_count


Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

  1. Opencontrail plugin implementation

  2. Opencontrail mocks for unit-tests




Existing and new (added in Juno) Neutron unit tests will be used. Existing and new tempest testing for neutron will be used. Tempest CI environment will be provided.

Documentation Impact

Once the opencontrail neutron plugin is accepted, neutron documentation can change to say opencontrail plugin as one of the supported plugin.

The link below explains setup of Opencontrail using devstack.