Freescale SDN Mechanism Driver for Neutron ML2 plugin

FSL-SDN MD : Freescale SDN Mechanism Driver

CRDCloud Resource Discovery Service - like neutron,

uses keystone authentication for all ReSTful calls.

Freescale SDN (FSL-SDN) Mechanism Driver proxies ReSTful calls (formatted for CRD Service) from ML2 plugin of Neutron to CRD Service.

It supports the Cloud Resource Discovery (CRD) service by updating the Network, Subnet and Port Create/Update/Delete data into the CRD database.

CRD service manages network nodes, virtual network appliances and openflow controller network applications.

The basic work flow is as shown below.

|                                 |
|       Neutron Server            |
|      (with ML2 plugin)          |
|                                 |
| +-------------------------------+
| |        Freescale SDN          |
| |       Mechanism Driver        |
           |  ReST API
|      CRD server        |

Problem description

Openstack neutron based networks and ports information is required by CRD service to managed virtual network appliances and openflow controller apps.

In order to send this information from neutron service, a new ML2 mechanism driver is required to post the _postcommit data to the CRD service.

Proposed change

Freescale Mechanism driver handles the following postcommit operations.

Network create/update/delete Subnet create/update/delete Port create/delete

Supported network types by FSL OF Controller include vlan and vxlan.

Freescale SDN mechanism driver handles VM port binding within in the mechanism driver (like ODL MD).

‘bind_port’ functions verifies the supported network types (vlan,vxlan) and calls context.set_binding with binding details.

Freescale Openflow Controller manages the flows required on OVS.

Sequence flow of events for create_network is as follows:

  neutron    ->  ML2_plugin
  ML2_plugin ->  FSL-SDN-MD
  FSL-SDN-MD ->  crd_service
  FSL-SDN-MD <-- crd_service
  ML2_plugin <-- FSL-SDN-MD
  neutron    <-- ML2_plugin

Port binding task is handled within the mechanism driver, So OVS agent driver is not required when this mechanism driver is enabled.



Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Though data is sent from mechansim driver to CRD service, the performance impact is negligible(less than 1%) or None.

Other deployer impact

This change doesn’t take immediate effect.

To work with the change, neutron need to be configured with ml2, and fslsdn as mechanism driver with CRD service running.

The following configuration changes are to be made to enable Freescale SDN mechanism driver.

In [ml2] section of /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini, modify ‘mechanism_drivers’ attributes as,

mechanism_drivers = fslsdn

Update /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf_fslsdn.ini, as below.

crd_auth_strategy = keystone
crd_url =
crd_auth_url =
crd_tenant_name = service
crd_password = <-service-password->
crd_user_name = <-service-username->

CRD service must be running in the Controller.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


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Work Items

  • Mechanism Driver (




  • Complete Unit testing coverage of the code is included.

  • For tempest test coverage, 3rd party testing is provided (Freesacle CI).

  • Freescale CI reports on all changes affecting this driver.

  • Testing is done using devstack and CRD service.

  • CRD service logs are also posted into the CI log repository.

Documentation Impact

Configuration Reference guide will be updated from the code.