Big Switch - Have ML2 driver bind IVS VIF type

The Big Switch ML2 driver needs to be responsible for binding the IVS VIF type since there is no binding agent running for this virtual switch.

Problem description

Currently, the Big Switch ML2 driver is only responsible for configuring VLANs in the fabric. It doesn’t do anything with the vSwitch so it leaves the responsibility of binding the ports to the OpenVSwitch driver. However, it needs to support IVS switches as well, which will not have a binding driver since they are directly controlled by the backend controller. Therefore, it will need to be responisble for responding to the bind_port calls for hosts with the IVS switches and mark them as bound.

Proposed change

At the port binding method to the Big Switch ML2 driver and have it respond to port binding calls for IVS ports.


Data model impact

REST API impact

Security impact

Notifications impact

Other end user impact

Performance Impact

Other deployer impact

Deployers will be able to deploy IVS vswitches with the Big Switch ML2 plugin.

Developer impact



Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Add the port binding methods to the ML2 driver

  • Add unit tests




In addition to the unit tests, a new 3rd party CI test case will be added for IVS deployed under ML2.

Documentation Impact

Mention that IVS can be used in conjuction with Big Switch Ml2 deployments.