Spec Lite: Deprecate allow_additional_image_properties




The allow_additional_image_properties configuration option was originally introduced to prevent users from flooding the image_properties table with junk. Given that we now have the image_property_quota option, allow_additional_image_properties is unnecessary. Further, if an operator were to set it False, all sorts of stuff would break as multiple OpenStack services (for example, Cinder, Nova) currently write/rely on custom image properties. Of course, in such a case, an operator would have to change the option to True to get everything working again; but the point is that if this setting is always True, then it is unnecessary and polluting the code with unnecessary branch points.


Deprecate the allow_additional_image_properties in Ussuri scheduled for removal in the V development cycle, consistent with the standard OpenStack deprecation policy.


None. Operators who really want to use this option can instead set image_property_quota to 0. (‘0’ means zero; a negative value means ‘unlimited’ for this option.)


rosmaita (or anyone who would like to address this low-hanging fruit)