Deleting image from single store

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New API feature to remove image from single store instead of whacking the whole image.

Problem description

Currently only way to remove image from single store is by exposing known problematic locations API and utilize that to remove the location. With multiple-stores support there is definitely more user oriented use-cases for removing image from specific store.

Proposed change

Introduce new “/v2/stores” endpoint to Images API v2 to provide safe way to delete images from the specific store.

New API call: ‘DELETE /v2/stores/<StoreID>/<ImageID>’


We could consider utilizing the current “v2/images/<ImageID>” endpoint and append the store ID at the end of that. The risk with this approach is that it’s way too easy for the API user to make a mistake dropping the StoreID and accidentally delete the whole image instead of just removing it from single store.

Data model impact


REST API impact

New API endpoint “v2/stores/<StoreID>/<ImageID>” that accepts only DELETE http method.

The request will fail if this is the only location indicating that the user should delete the image instead.

Security impact

This change does not have any know security impacts.

Notifications impact

Notification of image being removed from the store can be considered.

Other end user impact

python-glanceclient will have feature to support this API call.

Performance Impact

This feature has no know performance impacts.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • API change for glance-api service

  • Testing for the new feature

  • python-glanceclient support

  • Documentation needs to be updated including the new workflow




The change will need unit and functional tests.

Documentation Impact