Image API Binary Data API calls

Binary Data API

The following API calls are used to upload and download raw image data. For image metadata, see Metadata API.

Upload Image File

PUT /v2/images/<IMAGE_ID>/file

NOTE: An image record must exist before a client can store binary image data with it.

Request Content-Type must be ‘application/octet-stream’. Complete contents of request body will be stored and become accessible in its entirety by issuing a GET request to the same URI.

Response status will be 204.

Download Image File

GET /v2/images/<IMAGE_ID>/file

Request body ignored.

Response body will be the raw binary data that represents the actual virtual disk. The Content-Type header will be ‘application/octet-stream’.

The Content-MD5 header will contain an MD5 checksum of the image data. Clients are encouraged to verify the integrity of the image data they receive using this checksum.

If no image data has been stored, an HTTP status of 204 is returned.