Image Service (Glance) Plans

The Glance Project Team has the responsibility for maintaining the following projects:

This repository contains proposals for new features, or proposals for changes to the current projects that are sufficiently complicated or controversial that in-depth discussion is required.

The Glance Project Team uses two types of design document:


A spec is an in-depth description of the proposed feature. It’s required for any proposal that affects an API supplied by Glance, for any proposal that changes the data model, for any proposal that would require a database migration, or any change that requires a thorough exploration of alternative ways to accomplish the feature.

Spec Lite

A spec lite is a brief proposal for a small enhancement to Glance.

Please see the Glance Contribution Guidelines for further information about how to make a proposal to this repository.


During each Project Team Gathering (or “design summit”), we agree on what the whole community wants to focus on for the upcoming release. This is the output of those discussions:




Image Service API Guide

Image Service API v2

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