Create and Use glance-manage config file

glance-manage currently uses the configuration files meant for glance-registry and glance-api. This was ostensibly done to reduce the number of places that an operator may need to add, update, or remove settings. I would like to create a glance-manage.conf file to allow glance-manage to be independently configured.

Problem description

If glance-api is started by a user (or service) but a different user tries to use glance-manage they can encounter permissions errors if /var/log/glance/api.log is not writable to by the user trying to use glance-manage. While this is one symptom of the dependence on the registry and api configuration files, more may soon appear. Further, having separate configuration files will allow end users and deployers to configure the tools separately as well as use glance-manage on a node without requiring the presence of both glance-api.conf and glance-registry.conf.

See also bug 1391211.

Proposed change

I am proposing that we add another configuration file, glance-manage.conf to side-step this and any other issues we have with depending on the registry and api’s configuration files.

For Kilo, we will add the glance-manage.conf file and continue to load the glance-registry.conf and glance-api.conf files in the glance-manage command setup step. Currently the load order of configuration files (which causes glance-manage to use /var/log/glance/api.log) is:

  • glance-registry.conf

  • glance-api.conf

We will preserve this order and then load glance-manage.conf. We will only default to setting log_file in glance-manage.conf to prevent overriding settings from the other two files. We will also issue a deprecation warning pointing to this specification so that operators and end users know to configure glance-manage.conf for a later cycle. In that cycle, we will stop depending on glance-registry.conf and glance-api.conf. The documentation should also immediately, starting in the K cycle, begin to instruct users to configure settings for glance-manage in glance-manage.conf.


One way we could address this would be to remove the default log_file values in Glance’s configuration files. If we did this, all log files would then be named /var/log/{{service}}/{{ command }}.log, e.g., /var/log/glance/glance-api.log would be the file used by glance-api. Changing this would not only break current documentation but also end user expectations. Due to the considerable difference in behaviour without prior warning, we decided to take the approach outlined in this specification instead of using the same conventions as other projects.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

This would introduce another file that would need to be edited by end users. Some settings configured in glance-manage.conf may also be present in glance-registry.conf and glance-api.conf. Any potential security problems caused by needing to copy and synchronize settings between three files are applicable here. Alternatively, since glance-manage can be configured separately now, there will be no need to have the full API and registry configuration files on a node in order to run glance-manage.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

This introduces another file with configuration options. Common configuration options for will need to be copied and pasted from file-to-file and will need attention to keep synchronized. This will likely increase the complexity of maintaining an installation of Glance.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Deployers will be able to run glance-manage from nodes without needing glance-registry.conf or glance-api.conf to be present. This specification does introduce another file that deployers need to be aware of and know how to configure.

Developer impact




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kragniz jokke_

Work Items

  • Generate a default glance-manage.conf as described above

  • Begin loading it in glance-manage

  • Add deprecation messages regarding glance-registry.conf and glance-api.conf.

  • Update the documentation to describe how to configure glance-manage with glance-manage.conf.




We can test this by ensuring that a separate log file is generated for glance-manage, i.e., /var/log/glance/manage.log is present after running the command.

Documentation Impact

This will require the changes to describe how to configure glance-manage to continue working as it has in the past.