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Designate Split View

Split view is an important feature most DNS servers have support for based on the need to split internal, external view of the IPs and hostnames, most of the companies have this feature on their existing DNS structers and adding support for it Designate will make it easier for the user to integrate Designate into the current user systems

The below links provide insight on the split view feature and use cases: * *

Problem description

The current implementation of Designate does not support the split view, users that want to implement this must either patch Designate code or somehow do it in the backend of Designate (bind, powerdns, ….)

Proposed change

Introduce a new type of zone (split_view) in Designate. when a zone with that type is created Designate will do the following:

  • Create the same zone twice in different views (internal, external), this will require the pool.yaml to be configured with two pools seperated with attributes internal/external Note: the user may use view parameter in bind or define two instances of powerdns to acheive that

  • Create two TSIG keys one for each zone and attach the TSIG to the right zone

  • Provide AXFR based on TSIG key so if the TSIG sent is exteranl give the external view the user should provide a regex for external/internal view that match the IPs that should be included in each view, so if the IP match internal regex specified by user and the AXFR request is signed with internal TSIG the IP will be included in zone AXFR response

  • Also notify requests should be signed with the right TSIG (internal, external) the user should provide a regex for internal/external that match the IPs that should be Included/Excluded from each view and based on that the TSIG key can be selected

Backend should be configured as follows:

Storage Changes

The Designate zones table should be updated to accept the new zone type split_view type enum(‘PRIMARY’,’SECONDARY’) to type enum(‘PRIMARY’,’SECONDARY’,’SPLIT_VIEW’)


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