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Deleted domains purging

Implementation of a mechanism to routinely purge deleted domains from the database.

Problem description

Once deleted, domains are not removed immediately from the database, mostly for billing reasons. They are flagged as deleted in the “deleted” database column and the “deleted_at” column is populated with a timestamp.

Currently, deleted domains are purged manually by running SQL queries against the database. The purging process impacts the database performance and requires manual intervention.

Proposed change

This change is to implement an automated purging mechanism for deleted domains.

It also provides “purge_domain” and “purge_domains” calls to purge domains using an arbitrary criterion.

API Changes

Central API bumps to version 5.3 with the addition of the “purge_domains” call.

Zone Manager Changes

Implement purging as a periodic task in Zone Manager using a “domain_purge” plugin. The task will select a group of domains and send a RPC call to Central. Central will run a query against the database to purge any deleted domain if needed and log the number of purged domains.

Configuration parameters:

Purging run frequency.

Default: hourly. Users might want to run it frequently to minimize the cycle duration.

Per-cycle purging limit.

Default: 100.

Time threshold.

Default: 7 days.

Configuration example:

# Deleted domains purging
# How frequently to purge deleted domains, in seconds
#run_interval = 3600  # 1h
# How many deleted domains to be purged on each run
#limit = 100
# How old deleted domains should be to be purged, in seconds (deleted_at column)
#time_threshold = 604800  # 7 days

Central Changes

Implement purge_domains() method.

Storage Changes

Implement purge_domain(), purge_domains() method.

Update the _delete() method to allow forced hard delete.

Other Changes

Add a new task to setup.cfg and a new purge_domains policy item to policy.json

Add some test utility functions.


  1. No change: keeping the current manual process in place.

  2. Deleting+purging the domains immediately.

  3. Purging the domains on a record creation/deletion event.

  4. Purging deleted domains with a single SQL query.

Further improvements

Domains for purging are queried with a column comparison “deleted_at > $date”

Query performance can be improved by indexing the “deleted_at” column as a B-Tree (supported by InnoDB and MyISAM):



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Work Items

  • Implement purging

  • Update documentation

  • Implement benchmarks