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Naming Conventions for Records

Naming Conventions for records Right now we have a single format to define FQDN for records created through designate sink.

Problem description

At present there is only one format we can define for both IPv4 and IPv6 ips. If a user want to have different naming convention for records created through Sink service, we do not have a way to do that since there is only one option in designate.conf where we define the FQDN format.

Proposed change

In designate.conf we should give an option under the Sink configuration where we can define two different formats for IPv4 and IPv6. Similarly we need to make appropriate changes in sink code under designate/notification_handler/ for, and

The new format options in designate.conf would be “formatv4” and “formatv6”.

To help users from older versions, we will still support “format” which will work for IPv4 addresses. “format” or “formatv4” can be used interchangebaly but if both of them are defined then “formatv4” will be accepted along with a Warning message.

SINK Changes, and needs to be changed to get the format type from designate.conf. The new formats that we need to get are formatv4 and formatv6 which will now be implemented in designate.conf.

API Changes


Central Changes


Storage Changes


Other Changes






Primary assignee:

Kumar Acharya<ma501v>


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

Define the format for IPV4 and IPv6 FQDN and Implement it in designate.conf Code changes required in designate


formatv4 and formatv6 should be implemented in designate.conf as new format types