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Zone Exists Event

Problem description

Designate emits several events for use by Ceilometer for Metering & Billing purposes. Currently, these events are sent for zone/rrset/etc create, update and delete actions. As these events are emitted over RabbitMQ, we cannot guarantee delivery. In order to ensure accurate billing for customers, we need to provide a mechanism for identifying “lost” events. This is particularity important for Zone create/delete events, as per-Zone/per-Timeperiod is the most common billing unit.

The accepted standard solution to the loss of create/delete events is for each service to emit a periodic “exists” event, this allows Ceilometer to, for example, identify that N exists events in a row were not received, surmising that a “delete” event was missed.

In other services like Nova there is a clear “owner” for each core resource (e.g. an instance is owned by the compute node it resides on), this allows each nova-compute instance to periodically emit a compute.instance.exists event for a small number of instances. Designate has no such clear owner, and many thousands of zones may belong to a single pool (the smallest grouping we currently have available). This poses a problem, in that emitting 100’s of thousands of events, or more, each hour may be too demanding for the active pool manager.

Proposed change

We will introduce a new service designate-zone-manager which will handle all periodic tasks relating to the zones it is responsible for. Initially, this will only be the periodic dns.domain.exists event, but over time we will add additional tasks, for example, polling of Secondary zones at their refresh intervals.

A concept of “zone shards” will be introduced, where every zone will be allocated to a shard based on the first three characters of the zones UUID. This will provide for 4,096 distinct shards to be distributed over the set of available designate-zone-manager processes, ensuring that no single designate-zone-manager is responsible for more zones than it can reasonably handle. With 5 million zones, each shard should contain approx 1.2k zones.

Finally, distribution of shards to available designate-zone-manager processes will be handled by the OpenStack Tooz library. Tooz provides the building blocks required to implement a “Partitioner”, using it’s Group Membership APIs to divvy up the available shards between active workers, including dynamically re-allocating based on membership changes.

API Changes


Central Changes


Storage Changes

A new column will be added to the domains, recordsets and records tables, this column will be populated by the storage driver with the integer representation of the first 3 characters of the UUID, giving a whole number with a value between 0 and 4095. We add the shard to the RecordSets/Records tables now, as we know it will be used in a future blueprint (ALIAS records).

Domains Table Additions









RecordSets/Records Table Additions









Other Changes

A new service, designate-zone-manager will be introduced. This service will extend the Designate base Service class, but will not include the typical RPCService mixin. For this initial use case, there is no requirement for an RPC API.

This service will use the existing oslo-incubator ThreadGroup.add_timer() methods for scheduling tasks, and the tooz library for group membership.

The timer interval will be exposed as a configuration value, defaulting to 3600 seconds. The interval will be independent of any other timers introduced into this service in the future.

Group membership will be implemented as a Service mixin, similar to RPCService, allowing for it’s inclusion in other services such as designate-pool-manager.

The dns.domain.exists event format will be identical to the domain create/update/delete event format, with the only difference being the event name.

Finally, the list of Zones each designate-zone-manager is responsible for will be gathered at the start of each timer interval, in batches of a configurable size, based on the range of shard’s allocated.



Primary assignee:

Endre Karlson


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

  • Implement “Partitioner” based on Tooz

  • Implement GroupMembership mixin (Name TBD)

  • Create new designate-zone-manager service

  • Implement periodic exists event


  • Requires the OpenStack Tooz library be added to our requirements

  • Requires infrastructure for the OpenStack Tooz library (memcache, redis, or zookeeper)