Bug tags

The main TripleO bug tracker is used to keep track of bugs for multiple projects that are all parts of TripleO. In order to reduce confusion, we are using a list of approved tags to categorize them.

Problem Description

Given the heavily interconnected nature of the various TripleO projects, there is a desire to track all the related bugs in a single bug tracker. However when it is needed, it can be difficult to narrow down the bugs related to a specific aspect of the project. Launchpad bug tags can help us here.


The Launchpad official tags list for TripleO contains the following tags. Keeping them official in Launchpad means the tags will auto-complete when users start writing them. A bug report can have any combination of these tags, or none.

Proposing new tags should be done via policy update (proposing a change to this file). Once such a change is merged, a member of the driver team will create/delete the tag in Launchpad.


Tag Description
alert For critical bugs requiring immediate attention. Triggers IRC notification
ci A bug affecting the Continuous Integration system
config-agent A bug affecting os-collect-config, os-refresh-config, os-apply-config
containers A bug affecting container based deployments
deployment-time A bug affecting deployment time
documentation A bug that is specific to documentation issues
i18n A bug related to internationalization issues
low-hanging-fruit A good starter bug for newcomers
networking A bug that is specific to networking issues
promotion-blocker Bug that is blocking promotion job(s)
puppet A bug affecting the TripleO Puppet templates
quickstart A bug affecting tripleo-quickstart or tripleo-quickstart-extras
selinux A bug related to SELinux
tech-debt A bug related to TripleO tech debt
tripleo-common A bug affecting tripleo-common
tripleo-heat-templates A bug affecting the TripleO Heat Templates
tripleoclient A bug affecting python-tripleoclient
ui A bug affecting the TripleO UI
upgrade A bug affecting upgrades
ux A bug affecting user experience
validations A bug affecting the Validations
workflows A bug affecting the Mistral workflows
xxx-backport-potential Cherry-pick request for the stable team

Alternatives & History

The current ad-hoc system is not working well, as people use inconsistent subject tags and other markers. Likewise, with the list not being official Launchpad tags do not autocomplete and quickly become inconsistent, hence not as useful.

We could use the wiki to keep track of the tags, but the future of the wiki is in doubt. By making tags an official policy, changes to the list can be reviewed.



Primary author:



Work Items

Once the policy has merged, someone with the appropriate Launchpad permissions should create the tags and an email should be sent to openstack-dev referring to this policy.


Launchpad page to manage the tag list: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+manage-official-tags

Thread that led to the creation of this policy: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-July/099444.html

Revision History

Release Name Description
Newton Introduced
Queens tech-debt tag added


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