Add recurrence EDP jobs for sahara

Add recurrence EDP jobs for sahara

This spec is to allow running recurrence edp jobs in sahara.

Problem description

Currently sahara only supports one time click edp job. But sometimes, we need recurrence edp jobs. For example, from 8:00AM to 8:00PM, run a job every 5mins. By adding recurrence edp jobs to sahara edp engine, we can have different engine implementation. (oozie,spark,storm etc)

Proposed change

Define run_recurrence_job() interface in sahara base edp engine, then implement this interface to the oozie engine. (Spark engine will be drafted in later spec)

Add one job execution type named “recurrence”. Sahara base job engine will run different type of jobs according to the job execution type.

Add one sahara perodic task named update_recurrence_job_statuses() to update the recurrence jobs’s sub-jobs running status.

Add validation for invalid data input and check if the output url is already exist.

Example of recurrence edp job request

POST /v1.1/{tenant_id}/jobs/<job_id>/execute

For supporting this feature,add a new table named child_job_execution which will store sub-jobs of the father recurrence job. When create a recurrence edp job, in the same time, we create M(configured) sub-jobs,so we can show up the status of the M sub-jobs. perodic task will check the status of the M child jobs’s status and update them, and also if there is one child job is finished, we create a new feature-run child job to fill the vacancy, in this case, we maintain a M-row-window in the DB, so this will avoid the endless child job creation.if we delete this recurrence job, we delete it’s child jobs in the child_job_execution table,including finished jobs and future-run jobs.

For creating the child job execution table,we just add one more column named “father_job_id” based on job execution table which points to it’s father recurrence job.

For Horizon changes, considering we may have many child jobs, so we only show the latest M sub jobs when user click the recurrence edp job, and add two query datetime picker with a button for user to search the history finished child jobs.

For oozie engine implementation of recurrence edp jobs. we have changes as below:

Implement the run_recurrence_job in the base edp engine. call oozie client to submit the recurrence edp job. add perodic task update recurrence job statuses to update child jobs’s status in the child_job_execution table.

Example of coordinator.xml

For spark implementation, no implementation here, will add them later.


Run edp job manually by login into the VM and running oozie command.

Data model impact

add a new table named child job execution.Just add one more column named father_job_id than the current job execution table. Other columns are totally the same as job execution table.

REST API impact

There is no change here, we can use current API, POST /v1.1/{tenant_id}/jobs/<job_id>/execute We can pass job_execution_type, start time, end time, period_minutes into job_configs.

CREATE TABLE child_job_execution (
    id VARCHAR(36) NOT NULL,
    job_id VARCHAR(36),
    father_job_id VARCHAR(36),
    tenant_id VARCHAR(80),
    input_id VARCHAR(36),
    output_id VARCHAR(36),
    start_time DATETIME,
    end_time DATETIME,
    info TEXT,
    cluster_id VARCHAR(36),
    oozie_job_id VARCHAR(100),
    return_code VARCHAR(80),
    job_configs TEXT,
    extra TEXT,
    data_source_urls TEXT,
    PRIMARY KEY (id),
    FOREIGN KEY (job_id)
        REFERENCES jobs(id)

Other end user impact


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

In Job launch page, add select choose box for user to choose the job execution type, it has three values(basic, scheduled, recurrence),default value is basic, which is the one-click running job.if user choose recurrence, there will be two datetime picker named as start and end time and a textbox for user to input the period_minutes.



Primary assignee:
luhuichun(lu huichun)
Other contributors:

Work Items

  • define recurrence job type
  • add one perodic task named update_recurrence_job_statuses
  • create coordinator.xml before run job in edp engine
  • upload the coordinator.xml to job’s HDFS folder
  • add run_recurrence_job in sahara base engine
  • modify sahara api reference docs
  • add task to update the WADL at api-site




unit test in edp engine add scenario integration test

Documentation Impact

Need to be documented.


oozie scheduled and recursive job implementation

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