Add ability of suspending and resuming EDP jobs for sahara

Add ability of suspending and resuming EDP jobs for sahara add-suspend-resume-ability-for-edp-jobs

This spec is to allow suspending and resuming edp jobs in sahara.

Problem description

Currently sahara does not allow suspending and resuming edp jobs. But in some use cases, for Example, one edp job containing many steps, after finishing one step, user want to suspend this job and check the output, and then resume this job. So by adding suspending and resuming ability to sahara edp engine, we can have different implementation for different engine.(oozie,spark,storm etc)

Proposed change

Add one api interface in sahara v11 API.

Define suspend_job() and resume_job() interface in sahara base edp engine, then implement this interface to the oozie engine. (Spark and storm engine will be drafted in later spec)

Add “SUSPENDED” and “PREPSUSPENDEDED” in the sahara. only the job’s status is “RUNNING” or “PREP” can we suspend this job. and make the job’s status shown as “SUSPENDED” or “PREPSUSPENDED”.

Add a validation dict named suspend_resume_supported_job_type = {} to check which job type is allowed to suspend and resume when request comes in.

If the job’s status is not in RUNNING or PREP, for example, job is already finished, we do validation check, and there is no suspend or resume action.

Example of suspending or resuming an edp job

PATCH /v1.1/{tenant_id}/job-executions/<job_execution_id>


HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted Content-Type: application/json

Add one api interface in the python-sahara-client

For oozie implementation, we just call oozie client to invoke suspend and resume API.

For spark and storm implementation, there is no implementation now, and we will add them later.



Data model impact


REST API impact

Add one API interface. PATCH /v1.1/{tenant_id}/job-executions/<job_execution_id>

Other end user impact


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

add two combobox item named “suspend job” and “resume job” option at the right side of the Job list table.



Primary assignee:
luhuichun(lu huichun)
Other contributors:

Work Items

  • add one api in v11
  • add suspend_job and resume_job in base engine and oozie engine
  • add two new job status “SUSPENDED” and “PREPSUSPENDED”.
  • add two api interface in python-sahara-client
  • modify sahara api reference docs
  • Add task to update the WADL at api-site




unit test in edp engine add scenario integration test

Documentation Impact

Need to be documented.


oozie suspend and resume jobs implementation

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