Code refactoring for CDH plugin

Code refactoring for CDH plugin

This spec is to do some refactoring to the code to allow easier support to new versions in the future.

Problem description

CDH plugin contains many duplicated code. Current implementation extracts some general and base behavior of the plugin, and each version has its own implementation for something not included in base classes and modules. But there are many overlaps between versions because of the downward compatibility. For example, sahara.plugins.cdh.v5.config_helper extends sahara.plugins.cdh.db_helper, but functions such as get_plugin_configs are written again in sahara.plugins.cdh.v5_3_0.config_helper.

And currently the low test coverage of CDH plugin makes it hard to guarantee the quality of the new code after refactoring. So some new unit test cases need to be added. And some old test cases may be altered according to refactoring.

Proposed change

For duplicate codes in each version of plugins, move them to the base class. In validation module, function validate_cluster_creating is too long to be read easily. Seprate it into serveral small clearly functions. We can encapsulate funtions in module into a class for better extensibility. ClouderaUtils and deploy modules are not going to be changed util CDH v5 are totally removed, because these modules’ codes in v5 are quite different from other versions.


There is another way, just let a new version extends an old one instead of all extends from base. This may bring problems when deperate an old version.

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Work Items

This will require following changes:

  • move the duplicate codes to base class. Files need to be modified: sahara/plugin/cdh/version/ EdpOozieEngine, EdpSparkEngine sahara/plugin/cdh/version/ PluginUtils sahara/plugin/cdh/version/ VersionHandler sahara/plugin/cdh/version/ sahara/plugin/cdh/version/
  • Seperate Validation.validate_cluster_creating function
  • Add unit test case for low covered modules.
  • Remove useless test cases dedicated for refactoring useless test cases in: sahara/tests/unit/plugins/cdh/v5/ sahara/tests/unit/plugins/cdh/v5_3_0/ sahara/tests/unit/plugins/cdh/v5_4_0/




Before starting refactoring, keep current scenario test and provide new unit tests to ensure the CDH works as well as before. For each version, unit tests are aslo added individually. Test cases are written for the codes before refactoring, so we may need a little changes for new codes.

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