Enable Swift resident Hive tables for EDP with the vanilla plugin


vanilla1 plugin supports Hive but Hive can’t access Swift. vanilla2 plugin not supports Hive. This proposal aims that Hive can process the table that stored in Swift and add hive support to vanilla2 plugin.

Problem description

When Hive processes table that stored in Swift, hiveserver has to access Swift. But hiveserver cannot read SwiftFS configuration from Hive query. hiveserver reads configurations from xml files only (core-site.xml/hive-site.xml). Therefore hiveserver doesn’t know the authentication info and can’t access Swift.

In vanilla2 plugin, doesn’t implemented hive support code.

Proposed change

hiveserver reads configuration at startup time only and doesn’t read configuration by hive query. Therefore sahara have to pass the swift authentication info to hiveserver through hive-site.xml before launching hiveserver.

When Hive enabled cluster created, Sahara creates keystone TRUST and Swift proxy user (cluster-scope). And Sahara writes swift proxy user and TRUST to hive-site.xml before hiveserver started.

This will enable hiveserver to read a authentication info at startup-time. And when hive query arrived, hiveserver can access the swift with cluster-scoped TRUST.

When cluster terminated, Sahara removes TRUST and proxy user before cluster’s database entry removed. If error on removing a TRUST, cluster goes error status and not removed. Therefore there is no orphaned proxy user.

In vanilla2 plugin, implement hive support code in reference to vanilla1.


1. Adds auth config field (fs.swift.service.sahara.username, fs.swift.service.sahara.password) to hive-default.xml. And end-user inputs username/password for cluster configurations. I think this alternative is very inconvenience.

  1. Fix hive-server to read a configuration from hive query.

Data model impact

Database schema: No change

Cluster config: Change. But no affects others

cluster-config is dict. Adds internal key and stores swift proxy user info and TRUST-id. This key doesn’t send to client.

REST API impact


Other end user impact


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact




Primary assignee:

k.oikw (Kazuki OIKAWA)

Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Implement proxy user / TRUST creation feature when cluster creates

  • Implementation of sanitizing cluster-config

  • Implementation of writing proxy user and TRUST to hive-site.xml

  • Implement hive support code in vanilla2



We will add a integration test. This test checks whether Hive can process the table that stored in the swift executes successfully.

Documentation Impact