Better Version Management in Cloudera Plugin

This specification proposes to manage different versions of CDH in Cloudera plugin in a better solution.

Problem description

Current situation of CDH version management in CDH plugin:

  • We do not have version control for CDH plugin at all.

  • Due to backward support requirement, all existing codes need to support CDH version from 5.0.0 to latest (currently it is 5.3.0).

This will cause below issues:

  • When new packages are released, we do not know whether our plugin still can work. In fact nobody can ensure that.

  • Our work have to be based on a non-static environment.

  • Backward-compatibility is desired, but it is not ensured at all. For example, we are not sure tomorrow whether a new released CDH package will be compatible with old plugin codes or configuration files.

  • CI-test results are not stable, so we cannot always turn it into voting.

  • If new released package version bring issues, it can block all developers even if they do not work on this version.

  • When we do not want to support some obsolete versions, we cannot easily remove it.

Proposed change

  • Add package version constraints, and give a key packages version list to support CDH5.3.0 (or 5.2.0), and base our development only on this.

  • Freeze the package to prevent later CDH release come in.

  • Add sub-directories in plugin/cdh, like 5_3_0 for CDH5.3.0 to support different versions of CDH. As we did for vanilla and hdp plugins.

  • We also need to do some modifications in sahara-image-elements project to support different versions of CDH image build.

  • We need to change sahara-ci-config project to break current cdh tests into several tests for different CDH versions. All new added versions should not break old version tests. For example, current gate-sahara-nova-direct-cdh_ubuntu-aio will be separated into sahara-nova-direct-cdh_5.0_ubuntu-aio and sahara-nova-direct-cdh_5.3.0_ubuntu-aio.

  • Break sahara/tests/integration/tests/gating/ into several files, like and to support different CDH versions.

  • We need not ensure backward compatibility. E.g., CDH5.3.0 codes are not required to work for CDH5.0.0. We may add some features and codes only for later version of CDH, which was not supported by former CDH version.

  • If we want to add more CDH versions in the future, we need to open a BP to do this. For example, if we want to support CDH 5.4.0 in the future, below works are required:

    • Add a directory 5_3_0 including codes to support CDH 5.3.0 in plugin/cdh.

    • Modify scripts in sahara/image-elements/elements/hadoop_cloudera, to add functions to install packages for CDH 5.4.0, while still keeping functions installing packages for former CDH versions.

    • Add a in sahara/tests/integration/tests/gating directory for integration test.

    • Add a new ci-test item in sahara-ci-config, like gate-sahara-nova-direct-cdh_5.4.0_ubuntu-aio. We can set this item as non-voting at the beginning, and after it is tuned and verified ok, we set it back to voting.



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Primary assignee:

ken chen

Other contributors:

ken chen

Work Items

The work items will include:

  • Change directory structure in sahara/sahara/plugins/cdh to add 5_3_0 and 5_0_0 for CDH5.0.0 and 5.3.0 (We will support those two versions as the first step).

  • Retain common codes for each version in the original place, and move version specific codes and files into their own directory.

  • Add codes in sahara-image-elements/elements/hadoop-cloudera to support installing different package groups for different CDH versions.

  • Add different test items in sahara/tests/integration/tests/gating directory to support different CDH versions

  • Add item in sahara-ci-configs project for different CDH versions. At first we mark it as non-voting. After it is verified, we can mark it as voting.

  • Test and evaluate the change.




Create clusters of different CDH versions one by one, and do integration tests for each of them.

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