OSC support for Manila

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Problem description

Python-Openstackclient is the default command line client for many OpenStack projects.

Use Cases

An end user can interact with manila using the same client they use for other services in OpenStack through the python-openstackclient.

Proposed change

The intent of this spec is to identify the commands to be implemented and establish conventions for command and argument names. This spec is not intended to be a full and correct specification of command and argument names. The details can be left to the code reviews for the commands themselves.

The following conventions will be adopted for argument flags:

  • We are not planning to implement any different / new arguments to existing ones in python-manilaclient.

The following manila commands will be implemented for openstack


manila absolute-limits
openstack limits show --absolute

manila rate-limits
openstack limits show --rate


manila create
openstack share create

manila delete
openstack share delete

manila force-delete
openstack share delete --force

manila list
openstack share list

manila show
openstack share show

manila update
openstack share set
openstack share unset

Share export locations

manila share-export-location-list
openstack share export location list

manila share export-location-show
openstack share export location show

Share metadata

manila metadata
openstack share set --property
openstack share unset --property

manila metadata-show
openstack share metadata show

Share actions

manila reset-state
openstack share set --status

manila reset-task-state
openstack share set --task-state

manila extend
manila shrink
openstack share resize

manila revert-to-snapshot
openstack share revert

Share snapshots

manila snapshot-access-allow
openstack share snapshot access create

manila snapshot-access-deny
openstack share snapshot access delete

manila snapshot-access-list
openstack share snapshot access list

manila snapshot-create
openstack share snapshot create

manila snapshot-delete
openstack share snapshot delete

manila snapshot-export-location-list
openstack share snapshot export location list

manila snapshot-export-location-show
openstack share snapshot export location show

manila snapshot-force-delete
openstack share snapshot delete --force

manila snapshot-list
openstack share snapshot list

manila snapshot-manage
openstack share snapshot adopt

manila snapshot-unmanage
openstack share snapshot abandon

manila snapshot-rename
openstack share snapshot set --name
openstack share snapshot unset --name

manila snapshot-reset-state
openstack share snapshot set --status

manila snapshot-show
openstack share snapshot show

Share snapshot instances

manila snapshot-instance-list
openstack share snapshot instance list

manila snapshot-instance-show
openstack share snapshot instance show

manila snapshot-instance-reset-state
openstack share snapshot instance set --status

manila snapshot-instance-export-location list
openstack share snapshot instance export location list

manila snapshot-instance-export-location-show
openstack share snapshot instance export location show

Share networks

manila share-network-create
openstack share network create

manila share-network-delete
openstack share network delete

manila share-network-list
openstack share network list

manila share-network-show
openstack share network show

manila share-network-update
openstack share network set
openstack share network unset

manila share-network-security-service-add
openstack share network security service create

manila share-network-security-service-list
openstack share network security service list

manila share-network-security-service-remove
openstack share network security service delete

Security services

manila security-service-create
openstack share security service create

manila security-service-delete
openstack share security service delete

manila security-service-list
openstack share security service list

manila security-service-show
openstack share security service show

manila security-service-update
openstack share security service set
openstack share security service unset

Share servers

manila share-server-delete
openstack share server delete

manila share-server-details
manila share server show
openstack share server show

manila share-server-list
openstack share server list

manila share-server-manage
openstack share server adopt

manila share-server-unmanage
openstack share server abandon

manila share-server-reset-state
openstack share server set --status

Share instances

manila share-instance-force-delete
openstack share instance delete

manila share-instance-list
openstack share instance list

manila share-instance-reset-state
openstack share instance set --status

manila share-instance-show
openstack share instance show

Share instance export locations

manila share-instance-export-location-list
openstack share instance export location list

manila share-instance-export-location-show
openstack share instance export location show

Share types

manila type-create
openstack share type create

manila type-delete
openstack share type delete

manila type-key
openstack share type set
openstack share type unset

manila type-list
openstack share type list

manila type-show
manila extra-specs-list
openstack share type show

manila type-access-add
openstack share type access create

manila type-access-list
openstack share type access list

manila type-access-remove
openstack share type access delete

Storage pools

manila pool-list
openstack share pool list


manila service-enable
manila service-disable
openstack share service set

manila service-list
openstack share service list

Availability zones

manila availability-zone-list

We must implement this as a subcommand to the existing openstack availability zone list command.

Manage and unmanage shares

manila manage
openstack share adopt

manila unmanage
openstack share abandon

Quota sets

manila quota-defaults
openstack quota defaults

manila quota-delete
openstack quota delete

manila quota-show
openstack quota show

manila quota-update
openstack quota set

Quota class set

manila quota-class-show
openstack share quota class show

manila quota-class-update
openstack share quota class set

User messages

manila message-delete
openstack share message delete

manila message-list
openstack share message list

manila message-show
openstack share message show

Share access rules

manila access-allow
openstack share access create

manila access-deny
openstack share access delete

manila access-list
openstack share access list

manila access-show
openstack share access show

Share access rule metadata

manila access-metadata
openstack share access set --property
openstack share access unset --property

Experimental APIs

Share migration

manila migration-start
openstack share migration start

manila migration-cancel
openstack share migration cancel

manila migration-complete
openstack share migration complete

manila migration-get-progress
openstack share migration show

Share replicas

manila share-replica-create
openstack share replica create

manila share-replica-delete
openstack share replica delete

manila share-replica-list
openstack share replica list

manila share-replica-promote
openstack share replica promote

manila share-replica-reset-replica-state
manila share-replica-reset-state
openstack share replica set --replica-state
openstack share replica set --status

manila share-replica-resync
openstack share replica resync

manila share-replica-show
openstack share replica show

Share replica export locations

manila share-replica-export-location-list
openstack share replica export location list

manila share-replica-export-location-show
openstack share replica export location show

Share groups

manila share-group-create
openstack share group create

manila share-group-delete
openstack share group delete

manila share-group-list
openstack share group list

manila share-group-reset-state
openstack share group set --status

manila share-group-show
openstack share group show

manila share-group-update
openstack share group set
openstack share group unset

Share group types

manila share-group-type-access-add
openstack share group type access create

manila share-group-type-access-list
openstack share group type list

manila share-group-type-access-remove
openstack share group type delete

manila share-group-type-create
openstack share group type create

manila share-group-type-delete
openstack share group type delete

manila share-group-type-key
openstack share group type set --key
openstack share group type unset --key

manila share-group-type-list
openstack share group type list

Share group snapshots

manila share-group-snapshot-create
openstack share group snapshot create

manila share-group-snapshot-delete
openstack share group snapshot delete

manila share-group-snapshot-list
openstack share group snapshot list

manila share-group-snapshot-list-members
openstack share group snapshot members list

manila share-group-snapshot-reset-state
openstack share group snapshot unset

manila share-group-snapshot-show
openstack share group snapshot show

manila share-group-snapshot-update
openstack share group snapshot set
openstack share group snapshot unset


  • Continue using python-manilaclient as the manila client. Continue maintenance for python-manilaclient. Do not implement any openstack command.

Data model impact

No impact on the data model.

REST API impact

No impact on the REST API.

Driver impact

No impact on the drivers.

Security impact

No impact on security.

Notifications impact

No impact on notifications.

Other end user impact

Users will be able to interact with Manila through python-openstackcli. On the other hand, users may keep using manila outside of traditional openstackcli.

Performance Impact

No impact on performance.

Other deployer impact

No deployer impact.

Developer impact

No developer impact.



Primary assignee:

Other contributors:

Work Items

  • Implement basic python-openstackclient shell support

  • Implement shares and share-types support

  • Implement limits

  • Implement storage pools

  • Implement services

  • Implement share export locations, share metadata and share actions

  • Implement share snapshots and share snapshot instances

  • Implement share networks

  • Implement security services

  • Implement share servers

  • Implement share instances and share instance export locations

  • Implement availability zones

  • Implement manage and unmanage shares

  • Implement quota and quota class sets

  • Implement user messages

  • Implement share access rules and share access rule metadata

  • Implement share migration (experimental)

  • Implement share replicas and share replicas export locations (experimental)

  • Implement share groups, share groups types and share group snapshots (experimental)


No dependencies at the moment of writing for this project.


Unit tests will be required as part of the implementation for each of the openstack commands.

Documentation Impact

  • End User guide

  • Documentation in which there is CLI usage will need to be updated. For consistency sake, we expect to have good coverage before changing those docs. In order words, at least non-experimental functionality needs to be implemented before changing manila commands docs for OpenStack commands.