Add detail API to quota-set API collection

Currently we can only get the quota-set information with ‘limit’ attribute returned both for user and tenant in Manila, but this is too limited for user’s various cases. In other OpenStack components such as Nova, it both has the ability to check the ‘quota-show’(only ‘limit’) and ‘quota-show –detail’(‘in_use’, ‘limit’ and ‘reserved’), Cinder also has the same ability with command ‘quota-usage’. This change intends to add the same ability for Manila just like Nova.

Problem description

It’s a common use case to check the quota-set information, and Manila has the API ‘quota-sets’ to cover this, but it does not satisfy the situation when overall ‘quota-sets’ information is desired. In effect, Manila already supported this inside the quota-set’s code [1] at present, but this hasn’t been exposed to user. This change intends to support this.

Use Cases

As described above, user often wants to check the quota-set’s overall information (both tenant and user of this tenant), this change will help them achieve this.

Proposed change

The following are the changes to be made:

  • A new API ‘…/quota-sets/{tenant_id}/detail’ will be added to quota-sets API collection.

  • The new API will share same policy with the existing GET ‘quota-sets’ API.

  • The subsequent logic will be identical with existed API ‘GET quota-sets’ except that the parameter ‘usage’ in ‘QuotaSetsController._get_quotas’ is set True.

  • The ‘_get_quotas’ will return a dictionary with ‘in_use’, ‘limit’, ‘reserved’ attributes contained.

  • The Manila client will add a new command argument ‘–detail’ to ‘quota-show’ to indicate whether to return the quota-sets information in detail.


Currently Manila does not support this.

Data model impact


REST API impact

The API microversion will have to be bumped up for the new APIs below.

  1. (GET 200 403) quota-sets detail: show quota-sets in detail

URL: /v2/{tenant_id}/quota-sets/{tenant_id}/detail?user_id={u_id_query}

Response Body:

        'id': '1e1cc7d3-c524-4b05-85b4-5d548916b11b',
        'shares': {'in_use': 0, 'limit': 23, 'reserved': 0},
        'gigabytes': {'in_use': 0, 'limit': 45, 'reserved': 0},
        'snapshots': {'in_use': 0, 'limit': 34, 'reserved': 0},
        'snapshot_gigabytes': {'in_use': 0,'limit': 56,'reserved': 0},
        'share_networks': {'in_use': 0,'limit': 67,'reserved': 0}

Manila client impact

Manila client will add a new command argument ‘–detail’ to command ‘quota-show’, the modified version of command will be like:

* quota-show --detail <other existing command arguments>

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

zhongjun2( TommyLike(

Work Items

  • Add ‘detail’ API to ‘quota-sets’ collection.

  • Add related tests in Manila.

  • Add documentation in Manila.

  • Add new argument for command ‘quota-show’ in Manila client.

  • Add related tests in Manila client.




  1. Unit and tempest tests whether new API works correctly.

  2. Manila client’s unit tests and functional tests on new added argument.

Documentation Impact

  1. The Manila API documentation will need to be updated to reflect the REST API changes.