Glance Quota API

In the Xena cycle, Glance gained quota support. Through the use of unified limits, it was possible to implement this without introducing an API. However, for full functionality and a better user experience, Glance should expose an API so that users can see their current usage (and limit) instead of just receiving an error when they go over. This spec outlines the addition of that API.

Problem description

Glance users can now be limited by quotas set by the operator, but are unable to see their current usage (and limits) in any way other than the error message they receive when they go over. An API is required to expose the limit and usage to the user.

Proposed change

Glance already has an information discovery API, which will be used as a base for exposing the information: a new route for /info/quota will be added. Information exposed will include the limit and current usage for each quota type for the calling user. If a quota is disabled, then the limit for that element will be exposed as -1 in accordance with Keystones “unlimited” sentinel notation.


We could continue to have no API.

Data model impact


REST API impact

This spec includes a single new endpoint:


  • List quotas

Common Response Codes

  • Success: 200 OK

  • Failure: 400 Bad Request with details

  • Forbidden: 403 Forbidden

[New API] List quotas

List all quotas available for the user:

GET /v2/info/quotas
  "quotas": {
    "image_size_total": {
      "usage": 32,
      "limit": 1024
    "image_staging_total": {
      "usage": 0,
      "limit": 1024
    "image_count_total": {
      "usage": 4,
      "limit": 100
    "image_count_uploading": {
      "usage": 0,
      "limit": 10

Response codes:

  • 200 – Upon authorization and successful request. The response body contains the JSON payload with quota information.

  • 400 – Quota information is not available (likely due to configuration or backend error)

  • 403 – Permission denied

JSON schema for the response:

 'usage': {
    'type': 'array',
    'items': {
        'type': 'object',
        'additionalProperties': True,
        'validation_data': {
            'type': 'object',
            'additonalProperties': False,
            'properties': {
                'usage': {'type': 'integer'},
                'limit': {'type': 'integer'},

Security impact

The other information discovery APIs do not check any policy, and none will be added for this new quota API. It is assumed that there is no reason to disable a user’s view of their own usage and limit information. The former is already visible by listing current resources and doing the math.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

A glanceclient and openstackclient change will be required to expose this to interactive users.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

No impact beyond the requirements for enabling quotas in general.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Implement the API with unit/functional tests

  • Document the API in api-ref

  • Write a tempest test to check the API

  • Implement support in OpenstackClient

  • Implement support in glanceclient

  • Client docs


  • This will require a bump to an (already-released) new version of oslo.limit in order to query the limits without active enforcement.


Unit and functional tests in Glance. Tempest tests against the existing quota-enabled jobs.

Documentation Impact

The api-ref will need updating, as well as usage information for the interactive clients.