Spec Lite: Lazy update stores information




In Rocky multiple backend support is added as experimental feature. The location object will have the ‘store_id’ (Store name) stored as a metadata attribute which helps to identify in which store the image is located. Glance API service has information about all configured stores in a global map.

After enabling/upgrading glance-api to use multiple stores feature, existing images will not have a stores information associated with them. As a result if existing image is requested for download then it will search that image in all configured stores which will cause a performance overhead.

All configured stores are stored in memory, if operator change the store name in configuration file and restart the glance-api service there is no way to update the new name to existing images which has store information associated with them.


Add a decorator to get image call which will retrieve the location object from image and then from location URL it will fetch the store information which is stored in the location map. Once location url is matched with the url from the global map, it will check if location metadata has existing store associated with it and then store name will be added/updated to the location metadata.

If user/operator uses GET call to show a single image or list all the images the particular decorator will update the store information to single or all images available depending upon the request. There will be slight impact on performance on list call as it will revisit the location call for each of the image in the list.


None, carry on using current mechanism.

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Include in Train release.