Spec Lite: Embed validation data with image locations




A new image using the HTTP store may have its locations initialised using the add or replace operation in an HTTP PATCH request, but there is currently no way to provide values for accompanying checksum and multihash values.


Allow embedding of values for checksum, os_hash_algo and os_hash_value in a new write-only JSON object named validation_data, along with the url and metadata for an image location. These values will be used to populate the corresponding image properties.

New values for any of these items will only be accepted if the image status is queued and the corresponding image property is not already populated. To allow idempotency, this object may be included when adding or replacing locations for an image which is in active status or/and already has the corresponding properties populated, but the supplied values must exactly match the existing ones.

The object may be included in one or more of the items in a locations list, but values must be consistent across all instances.

Although the validation_data object will be optional, if it is present, the os_hash_algo and os_hash_value items will be required, to force adoption of multihash. Since multihash will be the default mechanism for clients in the Stein release, checksum will be optional, but included to accommodate legacy consumers that have not yet implemented multihash. The consumer is expected know to to populate checksum only if their deployment requires it.

os_hash_algo must match the Glance server’s DEFAULT.hashing_algorithm configuration option. Whilst it seems redundant to require an input with only one acceptable value, this is required to ensure that the user knows which algorithm is required. The checksum and os_hash_value cannot be verified (since the Glance server does not have a copy of the image data), but they will be validated as hexadecimal values of the correct size for the respective algorithms.

Any violations of the above rules will result in a HTTPConflict exception (HTTP status 409).

The following will be added to the properties for locations items in the images schema:

'validation_data': {
    'description': _(
        'Values to be used to populate the corresponding '
        'image properties. If the image status is not '
        '"queued" or/and the image properties are already '
        'populated, any supplied values must exactly match '
        'existing ones.'
    'type': 'object',
    'writeOnly': True,
    'properties': {
        'checksum': {
            'type': 'string',
            'minLength': 32,
            'maxLength': 32,
        'os_hash_algo': {
            'type': 'string',
            'maxLength': 64,
        'os_hash_value': {
            'type': 'string',
            'maxLength': 128,
    'required': [

Support will also be added to the add_location() method and the location-add shell command in python-glanceclient.


Implement an import method to directly register images for use with the HTTP store (without requiring use of HTTP PATCH).


Include in Stein release. Need approval ASAP, so I can proceed with a private backport for my Rocky upgrades (v1 API removed).