Public glance_store’s API refactor

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The glance_store library was pulled out of Glance some cycles ago. In the process, the code was not changed at all and the refactor of such code was put on-hold for future cycles as the main goal was to have a working library as soon as possible.

The above forced the Glance team to ship a library with an API that was never meant to be public, hence the adoption of the library in other projects has been advised against.

Problem description

The glance_store public API is based on functions with inconsistent signatures, which may or may not behave the same depending on the passed arguments.

These set of functions worked well when the library was part of Glance but they don’t anymore. Just to name a few examples:

  • There are multiple ways to store data: add_to_backend and store_add_to_backend

  • Each store needs to implement a StoreLocation class

  • It’s possible to get a store class from a scheme (get_store_from_scheme), an URI (get_store_from_uri) or well, from a location (shrugs) (get_store_from_location)

The above might not strike as critical issues but they do cause a bad experience for consumers of this library.

Proposed change

The proposal is to refactor this API and provide a more consistent, backwards compatible and clean API. The proposed change is to have a single class capable of doing what the current set of functions do following some of the principles in the current API:

  • It must be stateless

  • It must be capable of storing, reading and deleting data from the store.

Some functions are going to be entirely deprecated as part of this change:

  • verify_default_store Users should not need this function and it should’ve never been public to begin with.

  • get_store_from_(scheme|uri|location) Users shouldn’t need to access the store driver at all. These 2 functions should’ve never been public to begin with.

The existing functions are going to be marked as deprecated and they’ll be refactored to use the new class instead. This will help us testing the behavior of the new implementation and it’ll verify we’re not breaking backwards compatibility. For example, functions like get_from_backend will use the new class but the tests for this function won’t be changed during the Newton release.

It’s important to note that this spec doesn’t propose changing any of the driver’s code. It’ll focus on the public API. Future enhancements of glance_store will take care of the internal API’s like driver’s.


  • Rewrite the whole library at once. We’ve attempted to do this and we’ve never gotten past the spec step.

  • Do nothing. This would leave us with a library that exposes unnecessary functionality and provides a bad experience for users.

Security impact

N/A… I mean, none that I’m aware of besides the usual stuff (“don’t mess this up”)

Other deployer impact


Developer impact

It’ll make devs happy/happier.



Primary assignee:

Flavio Percoco (flaper87)

Other contributors:

Anyone? Pretty please?


Core reviewer(s):

Anyone? Pretty please?

Other reviewer(s):

Work Items

  • Write the new class and tests for it

  • Rewrite the existing functions

  • Mark the functions to remove in the Q release as deprecated




Existing tests won’t be changed. New tests will be written and we’ll rely on Glance’s gate to ensure backwards compatibility until we improve our gate story in glance_store.

Documentation Impact

Docs will be written for this new class