Add created and updated time filtering to v2 API

This spec introduces a feature to the Glance v2 API for filtering image lists based on when they were created or last updated using a comparative operators.

The introduction of this feature is important because it provides a migration path for consumers of the Glance v1 API who depend on changes-since filtering to begin consuming the v2 API instead.

Problem description

From the v2 API list images spec protected properties such as created_at and updated_at are not identified as available for comparison operator filtering the way size_min and size_max effectively are. [1]

The created_at and updated_at fields are not indexed resulting in full-table scans in the database when the default sort [2] on image lists is used or the changes-since filter from v1 is used.

Further, v2 does not support the changes-since filter which was available in v1 [3]. This creates a situation where functionality available in the v1 API is not available in the v2 API and this limits operators and users ability to usefully filter images.

To promote the adoption of the Glance v2 API providing feature parity would be helpful. As a complete replacement for the v1 API becomes available so too does the option to begin deprecation of the v1 API. To advance both of these ends, feature parity is important.

Proposed change

Two new filters are proposed to be added for the image list endpoint of the v2 API: the created_at and updated_at times for images.

With the proposed feature we enable consumers of the v2 API to quickly identify old instance snapshots for clean-up and other potential use cases.


Something must be done to address the missing changes-since filter to address priorities of both the Nova and Glance projects as expressed through the Liberty summit.

We could implement changes-since as it exists in v1 API instead of making the functionality more rich by allowing many comparative operators.

We could exclude the created_at filter from the feature at this time, but the additional effort to include it is minimal, and it is possible that other potential use cases may benefit as well as taking the opportunity to raise an index on the column to benefit the default sort.

Data model impact

Modify the Image domain class to raise indexes for the created_at and updated_at columns on the images DB table.

The additional indexes raised will impose a longer upgrade window for larger Glance installs while the indexes are built.

REST API impact

Following the pattern of existing filters, the new filters may be specified as query parameters, using the field to filter as the key and the filter criteria as the value in the parameter.

Changes apply exclusively to Image API v2 Image entity listings:

GET /v2/images/{image_id}

Filter by adding optional query parameters:

created_at     = Specifies to limit returned images based on when the image
                 was created, with value expressed as an ISO 8601 datetime.
updated_at     = Specifies to limit returned images based on when the image
                 was last updated, with value expressed as an ISO 8601

These filters will be added using syntax that conforms to the latest guidelines from the OpenStack API Working Group, and any applicable draft guidelines [4]. This implies support for optional comparison operators with the implied default comparison operator being ‘equals’ for exact matches.

An example of an acceptable criteria using an optional comparison operator:


This represents any time at or after 20 minutes and 50.52 seconds after the 23rd hour of April 12th, 1985 in UTC.


In all cases, literal expressions in any of these filters will be treated as case-insensitive.

Both new filters will support access control through oslo.policy enforcement to allow a deployer to restrict usage of these filters. Because these filters support this access control, no guarantee is given for availability of these filters for all API consumers. Performance or security concerns around these filters in any given deployment can be addressed through the use of custom policy rules. Standard response codes will apply when access to the filter is forbidden.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

Update python-glanceclient as needed.

Performance Impact

The appropriate indexes will also be updated on each row create and/or update to the associated image row. This is considered a minimal impact.

Performance for sort operations on the indexed columns would be improved.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact




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Core reviewer(s):

flwang flaper87

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Work Items

  • Registry changes to support new filters

  • API changes to expose new filters

  • Add Policy enforcement hooks




Unit and functional tests will be added as appropriate.

Documentation Impact

Docs needed for new API filters and usage as well as the additional policy options.