Fake Keystone Server for Functional Tests

The URL of the launchpad blueprint:


As keystone is only supported auth method for glance we should be doing our functional tests against keystone pipeline as well.

Problem description

Currently we are defaulting the Glance authentication pipeline to noauth. This is not supported configuration with glance and causes some issues.

  • Default config cannot be changed to keystone pipeline unless we have Keystone functionality available during our tests as the servers are spun up with default configuration as well as with the test specific one.

  • Functional tests does not reflect to real world as they uses unsupported authentication pipeline. Also certain functionalities (like using registry with v2) cannot be tested as noauth does not provide the needed user information.

Proposed change

Fake Keystone server with minimal functionality would solve this issue without increasing the overhead for our testing too much:

Needed functionality would be:

  • Support for auth token verification (this can be done with pre determined set of tokens and token management would not be needed)

  • Support for user - password authentication (this can also be done with pre determined set of user/password combinations and user management would not be needed).


Monkey patching the code we are actually testing to act against the design agreed when implemented. This would allow us to pass the test issues, but leave a hole for unwanted behaviour to pass tests.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

This would potentially harden the security as the functional tests would be ran against more real life like configuration.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact

There is impact on test performance as more processes are needed to run the tests.

This can be circumvented by more coarse functional testing as agreed on weekly Glance meeting (14:39): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/glance/2014/ glance.2014-06-05-14.05.log.html

Other deployer impact


Developer impact

Better visibility of how changes affects due to better testing experience.



Erno Kuvaja <jokke>

Work Items

  • Implementation of the Fake Keystone server

  • Changing the functional tests using it

  • Refactoring the functional tests to circumvent the performance hit / improve the performance




As this is testing functionality/change testing of it would not be needed.

Documentation Impact