Ocata Project Priorities

List of priorities the Watcher drivers team is prioritizing in Ocata.

Priority Owner
Define Audit Scope Alexander Chadin
Graph Model Kevin Mullery
Watcher Versionned objects Vincent Francoise
Automatic triggering Action Plans Digambar Patil
Limit Concurrent Actions Joe Cropper
Workload Characterization Grammar Prashanth Hari
Workload Characterization and QoS Prashanth Hari
Update Notifications Vincent Francoise
Notifications for audits Vincent Francoise
Description For Dynamic Action Charlotte Han
Stale Action Plan Li Canwei
Audit tag in VM Metadata Prashanth Hari

Define Audit Scope

Administrator will be able to provide a logical subset of resources where Watcher will run the optimization. This subset will be based on Host aggregates and Availability Zones.

Graph Model

The graph based data model would aggregate resource information for the Cluster and allow for the effective representation of the topology of workload deployments. Through this model graph analysis techniques could be employed in the context of the Strategy definition.

Watcher Versionned objects

Make all Watcher objects support oslo.versionnedobjects.

Automatic triggering Action Plans

Administrator will be able to choose to run the Action Plan automaticaly right after Watcher has run the Audit.

Limit Concurrent Actions

We propose a capability that limits the number of concurrent Action that can be in flight when a particular Audit is invoked.

Workload Characterization Grammar

We should be able to characterize such workloads as input to Watcher for ensuring Application QoS, placements and consolidation. We need to define a grammar to describe those workloads.

Workload Characterization and QoS

Based on the grammar defined earlier, we should be able to describe workload characteristics and map them to applications. Then it would allow Watcher to build optimization Strategy based on those characteristics.

Update Notifications

We should update Watcher notifications system to be compliant with Nova Notifications.

Notifications for audits

Now that all Watcher object are versionned, we need to update the Audit object logic to handle notifications.

Description For Dynamic Action

We should add the ability to submit a description of each Action that can append in an Action Plan.

Stale Action Plan

We should add a new state for Action Plan to be able to set it as superseded in case the Cluster Data Model has changed or an event happened that invalidate all previous Action Plan.

Audit tag in VM Metadata

As watcher runs audits to achieve a Goal, there should be some way for the application/VM owners to know that their VMs are under Audit and its flagged before Action Plan execution.